Here’s how SEO will make your Content Marketing reach more people

January 20, 2020

Maximize the impact of your content strategy by learning these simple tactics

If your content marketing efforts seem to be falling flat, they might just need better SEO.

“A lot of brands produce great content, then get frustrated when it doesn’t drive higher traffic to their website or sales pages,” says Peak Content Summit founder Tyler Benedict. “There are a lot of factors, but one that seems to be largely ignored is SEO.”

“People think of it as just something you need to do for your website, but it can really improve the results of any type of content marketing. That’s why we have an entire session dedicated to teaching SEO from a marketing point of view. There’s a lot of nuance to it, and we’ll present strategies that are both time-tested and based on Google’s latest search algorithms.”

To remedy this, Peak Content Summit will feature a dedicated SEO session presented by Ezoic’s CMO, Tyler Bishop. Bishop has started and grown several companies through expert content marketing and refined SEO practices. He’s a regular speaker on SEO best practices, runs one of the leading Google-certified publisher partner organizations, and is the host of Pubtelligence, a global series of publisher think tanks held at Google headquarters around the world.

Peak Content Summit is a two-day content marketing strategy conference held in Asheville, NC, on March 12-13,  2020.

Bishop is one of eight expert speakers already announced for Peak Content Summit. Topics range from how to come up with content ideas, how and where to publish the content, how to work with media, using data to maximize your content marketing’s impact, and more. Sessions are designed to build attendees’ skillset so they leave with both inspiration and the tactical knowledge to implement all of the lessons they’ll learn.

“SEO and content marketing are intertwined, and not in the way most people think,” says Bishop. “As more brands invest in content, you need to understand how SEO could help you stand apart. Content can have ten-fold ROI or be a complete money pit. The execution makes the difference.”

Registration is open now, and seating is limited. More information, a complete list of speakers and the full curriculum is available at PeakContentSummit.com.