HitchFire Unveils The First Ever Hitch Kitchen

May 19, 2022

And launches their new hitch mounted work horse, The Ledge

May 19, 2022 (Santa Cruz, CA)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – This weekend attendees at Overland Expo West will get the first ever sneak peak of HitchFire’s new Hitch Kitchen and their new work horse, The Ledge.

The Hitch Kitchen is a fully capable kitchen with running water, propane stovetop, and cutting board side table all nested into a sturdy aluminum locker. The unit is mounted to the proprietary swing arm that attaches to a 2” hitch receiver, easily swinging away from the vehicle for use. The Ledge, also pictured below, is a stout powder coated platform with integrated tie downs and removable side rails that provide versatility and convenience. This work horse at the hitch allows users to carry gear, coolers, or firewood, and can be the center piece of their cook station for smokers or off-the-shelf camp stoves.

The Hitch Kitchen and the Ledge will be front and center at one of the industry’s most important shows and follows an impressive 2nd quarter in which HitchFire has already launched three new products; the new more powerful F-20 hitch mounted grill released in March, followed by a handy set of unique grilling tools, along with a purpose-built flat top griddle.

“The Hitch Kitchen is a first of its kind and really provides an answer for all those that want the convenience of a pull-out kitchen but either don’t have the space or the budget,” says CEO Evan Currid. “The Ledge is just so practical and useful for so many applications, it seems an obvious product in hindsight. Now you can use your favorite smoker, carry the big cooler, or even use it as remote wilderness desktop. There are countless applications. I really think these great new products illustrate our commitment to Life Around the Hitch.”

The Hitch Kitchen has a unique and proprietary nested kitchen insert that is easily removable converting it into a stout gear locker that conveniently swings away from the vehicle for easy access giving you two great uses in one product. As shown above it will retail for around $1,600 and will be available Fall 2022, while the Ledge will retail at a very accommodating $325 and be available in June 2022. A unique feature of HitchFire’s new products is the compatibility with their proprietary swing arm introducing modularity amongst their family of products. When coupled with some of their accessories you have all you need to stay off the grid and pursue what the company has coined as ‘Adventure Grilling.’

About HitchFire:

Inspired by adventure, road trips, and the love of the outdoors, HitchFire leads a new category in hitch-based lifestyle accessories, the rugged, hitch-mounted grills and accessories are purpose-built, made with the highest quality materials, and designed to withstand the roughest weather and toughest conditions for a world full of undiscovered trails and expeditions. It’s not just a grill, It’s Adventure Grilling™.