Hook + Bullet (HB) Purpose Built Optics to Redefine Sunglass Industry at ICAST

July 11, 2023

HB, the leader in Purpose Built Optics, at ICAST to redefine the sunglass industry through their lens first strategy that provides the best sight picture for any environment.

Seguin, TX. (July 11, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Hook + Bullet (HB), the leader in Purpose Built Optics, is excited to leverage ICAST 2023 to further advance their position as a leader in the optics industry.

“From reels to electronics, over the past 50 years, nearly every aspect of fishing has evolved to amplify your experience. Why have polarized sunglasses not followed this same level of innovation?,” says Rob Phillips, Co-Founder of Hook + Bullet. “Our Purpose Built Optics leverage game changing technology and innovation to deliver lenses that are optimized for specific fishing environments. We know firsthand that whether you’re flats fishing for Reds in Louisiana or in freshwater for bass in Texas, every experience has a unique sight picture which requires a different lens solution.”

“Through our development partnership with Zeiss, the global leader in optics technology, we have formed a feedback loop providing data from the field to the lab to test and refine our lenses producing an evolution in lens technology. We approach things differently and push the limits of technology, innovating constantly to give our anglers a competitive advantage.” Bill Waller, HB’s Co-Founder.

This lens first strategy will be on full display at ICAST where HB will be introducing their new Phoenix LP lens. Engineered to address polar polar blackout, a common problem when viewing marine electronics while wearing polarized lenses. Most marine electronics use a polarizing filter to reduce glare, but standard polarized lenses collide with the filter, making some screens unreadable. Anglers have two options: lift their glasses or go without; risking eye fatigue and damage. HB’s NEW Phoenix LP lens optimizes polarization, providing a perfectly clear screen image. Formulated with enhanced color filtration, this innovative lens allows for efficient data collection from your electronics to the water.

“We take this same approach with every lens to provide game changing optics for every HB pursuit. says Bill Waller, HB’s Co-Founder.

Come visit with the team at ICAST at booth 2512 and see the difference of Purpose Built Optics or join us in our booth for a happy hour on July 13th from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

For more information about HB, please direct media inquiries to Jason Michelotti at jason@hookandbullet.life.

About Hook + Bullet Purpose Built Optics: Hook and Bullet was formed to set a new standard in optics by building premium sunglasses with purpose.  We use the most advanced materials in our frame design and the best lens technology ever made, to bring to market sunglasses specifically tuned for fishing and hunting.  Each Purpose Built Optic lens is engineered for optimal sight characteristics in a special environment, superior clarity and the utmost eye protection possible. We see sunglasses as an essential tool to enhance your sight picture, the most important connection to your target.  For more information, visit www.hookandbullet.life.