Houdini Previews its Most Circular Collection of FW21 Sportswear

December 18, 2020

Open to all, Houdini achieves an industry first by launching its FW21 collection via a public facing livestream.

Stockholm. Sweden 18 November 2020 – Swedish Circular Sportswear brand Houdini today announces the launch of its FW21 collection. By reimagining not just how products feel on your body but how brands launch new products in what is typically a closed door event. With the goal to be 100% circular by 2022, Houdini launches 4 key silhouettes that encapsulate many circular technologies such as recycled and recyclable materials, fluorocarbon free water repellency and insulation that does not steal feathers from birds.

Houdini reimagines performance with the Pace collection which consists of a jacket and pants, featuring the C9 Octa softshell fabric, made for high energy output activities such as ski touring, mountaineering, hiking and snowshoeing. Rather than getting caught up in what’s measurable Houdini focuses on the visceral feeling of wearing a garment that is soft to the touch, silent and provides unrestricted freedom of movement.

(Pace Jacket $350/€350/SEK3500 Pace Pants $300/€300/SEK3000)

“Nowadays clothes are judged by numbers from a lab test rather than how it feels to wear them” said Jesper Danielsson, Houdini Head of Design. “We believe that when you feel better, you will do better”. said Danielsson.

As an extension to the Pace philosophy, Houdini continues to reimagine the insulated mid-layer through the introduction of the Moonwalk Jacket. Designed to provide warmth and breathability for high pace activities in the mountains, the Moonwalk Jacket is made with 70% recycled materials and is fully recyclable. Instead of stealing feathers off birds it keeps you warm thanks to the properties of Primaloft Gold Active Plus and is completely fluorocarbon DWR free which keeps toxins out of our watersheds.

(Moonwalk Jacket $320/€320/SEK 3200)

“We use post consumer plastic waste to create an exceptional performance garment and those resources will never have to become waste again” said Danielsson.

Reimagining the expedition style insulated jacket with the launch of Bouncer Jacket, a maximum warmth at minimum weight jacket, featuring Primaloft Rise which stacks the insulation fibers vertically instead of horizontally, creating a bounce when compressed. True to Houdini’s vision of being 100% circular in 2022, the Bouncer is also made from recycled material and is fully recyclable as well as fluorocarbon free.

(Bouncer Jacket $700/€700/SEK7000)

“Reaching the milestone of 100% circular products in 2022 is an incredibly important step on our journey towards the circular and waste free eco system we are planning to have in place by 2030. Transitioning from degenerative to regenerative business practices is essential in order to save the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world – all that makes life worth living.” said Eva Karlsson, Houdini CEO.

Rounding out the new collection, Houdini reimagines its longtime favorite, the Moonwalk Shorties, and launches the all new and 100% circular Moonwalk Shorts. Whether your rear needs a little extra warmth on the chairlift or as a reinforcement piece over your running tights in winter time, the Moonwalk Short is sure to be one of those pieces you’ll wonder how you could have ever lived without.  (Moonwalk Shorts $100/€100/SEK1000)

The FW21 Collection Launch livestream can be accessed here https://youtu.be/kk6ouNbn33A

About Houdini:

Houdini is a Swedish circular sportswear brand and a trailblazer in corporate responsibility. Since 1993 the team at Houdini, have been redesigning business to become a force for good – providing state-of-the-art circular products, offering product-as-a-service solutions and building a co-creative community for open-source innovation, sharing knowledge and inspiring to reconnect to nature.

Rather than focusing on Houdini’s outstanding track record in sustainable development, Houdini prefers to emphasize on the journey ahead – the untapped opportunities and abundant value in designing attractive and regenerative lifestyle solutions for a brighter future, the collaborative spirit that will make it possible and the extraordinary ride we have in front of us!