Houdini Sportswear Challenges ClimateWeekNYC, Int’l Fashion Week Attendees: 7 Days. 7 Garments. Can You Do It?

September 15, 2022

CEO Eva Karlsson Asks to Limit Wardrobe to Seven Garments Calling for Change in Mindset and Outfit of the The Day (OOTD) Creativity

STOCKHOLM (September 15, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Ahead of ClimateWeek NYC and upcoming fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris, Houdini, a circular sportswear company committed to timeless, versatile and minimalist designs, today issued a spirited challenge to global event attendees: 7 Days. 7 Garments. Can You Do It?, choose seven garments total for the entirety of their trips calling for creativity for the “outfit of the day.” This is the next phase of the global “Live Large With Less” initiative launched this summer and is a call-to-action conspiring people about the immediate impacts their buying choices have on the environment and best practices for making smarter choices, plus living lighter is just easier. CEO Eva Karlsson is asking participants to adopt its “We don’t need more clothes, we need clothes that can do more” philosophy when packing for their journey.

“While the world of fashion introduces what’s next, the disturbing impacts of climate change will be front and center in New York,” said Karlsson. “This is about significantly altering our collective mindset and asking those actively engaged in climate change and the world of fashion to take those first important steps. Fashion is responsible for up to 10% of the global carbon dioxide output, more than international flights and shipping combined, according to the United Nations Environmental Programme. Estimates from consulting firm McKinsey and the World Economic Forum suggest the number of garments produced each year has at least doubled since 2000.”

Since its founding, Houdini has followed a checklist that all new garments must pass before production: does this product deserve existence; is it easy to repair; is it durable enough for our rental program; nothing added that isn’t needed; is it for sharing, repairing, remaking and reselling; and finally; does it have a next life solution? The brand designs garments as wearable multitools enabling users to have a smaller, smarter wardrobe. Houdini launched its first circular garment in 2006 and now 85% of the collection is fully circular.

Houdini has provided open source since its founding, sharing best practices for its circular philosophies in order to push the entire industry forward. “Houdini believes strongly in sharing our sustainable innovation and sees the potential for what we can achieve together and what we should all collectively be working towards – a healthier planet, ” said Jesper Danielsson, head of design and product at Houdini. Designers and product developers looking for insights on how to make more responsible and smarter life choices can find information on Houdini’s website and The Planetary Boundaries Assessment.

Karlsson will attend Climate Week NYC sharing Houdini’s best practices on panels;

Tuesday, September 20th, in the morning, Hosted by Google and Futerra, The Solutions House.

Tuesday, September 20th, in the afternoon, We Don’t Have Time broadcast about Scaling Climate Solutions Exponentially, Houdini joins Apple and Polestar.

“We don’t consume materials, we simply borrow them,” Karlsson continued. “We choose to see the resources we use as those borrowed from the planet and Houdini as the custodian of these, responsible for handing them back to the planet in good shape. We all need to embrace this thinking if we are going to make true onward progress.”

About Houdini Sportswear

Houdini is an odd band of friends from Sweden on a quest to reimagine the future of circular sportswear. Ever since the start in 1993 Houdini has challenged the norms of the outdoor industry, as a company led by women, as innovators of sustainable design and as pioneers of circular business models. Ultimately Houdini wants to enable and inspire people to reconnect to nature.


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