Ibex Outdoor Clothing Unveils Woolies Wonder Bodysuit

April 1, 2017

The ultimate, one-layer, head-to-toe Merino solution for your outdoor pursuits

White River Junction, VT. (April 1, 2017) — Leading the charge in performance Merino wool apparel of the highest quality, Ibex Outdoor Clothing proudly unveils the ultimate one-layer, head to toe Merino solution for your outdoor pursuits. Meet the Woolies Wonder Bodysuit.

In its ongoing quest and commitment to make product that meets and beats customer expectations, Ibex has created a technical bodysuit of unrivaled performance. Never constrictive, the construction of the Woolies Wonder Bodysuit offers the right blend of support and compression. Tired of managing multiple pieces of clothing during your outdoor adventures? The new bodysuit takes care of that!

Made from a blend of 80-percent Merino wool and 20-percent Spandex, this piece is ultra breathable and offers the perfect weight any activity…from hiking the Appalachian Trail to hitting the slopes, to an afternoon jog.  It is extremely versatile beyond outdoor pursuits. In fact, wear testers acclaim that this Woolies onesie is also a must have when taking a nap, dropping the kids off at school or hitting up the grocery store. Messy bun sold separately.

“My competition is blown off the slopes when I shred in my super breathable, extremely efficient Woolies Wonder Bodysuit. The time I used to spend messing around with layers, I now use for lots of pre-groomer calisthenics,” said Keith Anderson, vice president of marketing for Ibex.

“Ibex is proud to introduce such a technical and versatile one-layer solution to the outdoor market,” said Ted Manning, CEO of Ibex. “The Woolies Wonder Bodysuit embodies everything we love about footie pajamas and snuggies combined.”

The new Woolies Wonder Bodysuit collection is available in styles for men and women in an array of colors, including: Cheese Puff; Brussel Sprouts; Cartoon Whale; Licorice (the bad kind!); Eraser; and Fancy Soap (lavender). The Woolies Wonder Bodysuit is designed to be worn two sizes too small, to really accentuate the enviable outdoor figure you’ve literally climbed mountains to attain.

For additional details and to check out the official Woolies Wonder Bodysuit launch video, please visit http://shop.ibex.com/specials/woolies-wonder-bodysuit.

About Ibex

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in White River Junction, VT, Ibex is a designer of year-round premium Merino wool outdoor clothing and cycling apparel, founded in the belief of the superior natural performance and properties of wool. Ibex couples the natural renewable resource with technical innovation and inspired design to create apparel for a diverse range of outdoor and active pursuits and passions. Men’s and Women’s items are made from the best Merino wool fabrics sustainably sourced from New Zealand. All Ibex clothing and accessories are available for purchase online, in catalog and through outdoor specialty stores. For more information, please visit ibex.com.

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