IcyBreeze Launches the Ultimate: Hybrid Portable AC and Cooler for Performance Cooling

June 10, 2024

The Ultimate Cooler is IcyBreeze’s most rugged and durable unit to date, built for the sideline, the sand, and everything in between

Grapevine, TX (June 10, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – IcyBreeze, the leader in hybrid cooler and air conditioning technology, is excited to announce the launch of its Ultimate Cooler: an all-in-one cooling system that features an AC function, misting feature and standard cooler space to keep you and your essentials cool in the heat of the summer.

IcyBreeze’s patented heat transfer system draws in outside air through hidden vents, cools the air through contact with super-cooled radiator coils and then expels freshly chilled and dry air at 35°F below ambient temperatures. This cooling mechanism organically utilizes ice and water and doesn’t require chemical coolants or refrigerants. Used in popular IcyBreeze models like the Platinum and V2 Pro Cooler, IcyBreeze’s cooling system is elevated in the Ultimate Cooler with an integrated mister that uses freshly chilled water from the cooler. The Ultimate boasts over two and a half hours of AC and three hours of misting.

The Ultimate Portable AC is IcyBreeze’s most rugged and capable model, designed with a durable rotomolded exterior, tie-down points, and a metal grab handle for maximum outdoor enjoyment.

“The design of the Ultimate was inspired by our customers,” TJ Papp, IcyBreeze President, said. “We consolidated feedback from our initial models and crafted a fully revamped hybrid cooler that would live up to its name: The Ultimate. We upgraded this model with reinforced lugged wheels and a highly durable rotomolded construction as well as a gasket seal and closure system for the best possible insulation.”

The Ultimate Cooler is available on IcyBreeze.com for $499.99 in black, white and tan colorways.

About IcyBreeze:

Founded in 2013, IcyBreeze is the creator of the original hybrid portable AC and cooler. The first IcyBreeze unit was inspired by a father and son duo trying to stay cool in the great outdoors. Since then, the brand has appeared on Shark Tank and has been chosen by the US Open, Tokyo 2021 Olympics, Australian Open and more to serve as a cooling solution for the biggest athletes in the game. Learn more at IcyBreeze.com.


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