Ignik Evolves its Plug-and-Play Propane Firepit Line

March 1, 2023

FireCan Deluxe features options for portable fire and seamless outdoor cooking

Bainbridge Island, WA – March 1, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Awarding-winning outdoor heating brand Ignik proudly announces the evolution of its FireCan line with the all-new FireCan Deluxe. With its dual-action fuel output and removable grill, users now have the option for easy, portable outdoor cooking in addition to a warm, safe campfire anywhere they go.

With the same ammo can design as its predecessor, the FireCan Deluxe features an all-stainless steel construction for optimal durability. Packed with all the ease, safety, and portability of the original FireCan, FireCan Deluxe includes a grease tray under the can, a Flame Adjustment knob for controlling the cook temperatures, and a removable grill insert for clean outdoor cooking. The firepit and grill also includes a new dual-action fuel output designed with a quick attachment for ‘Grill Mode’ and ‘Fire Pit Mode.’ While in Grill Mode, the FireCan Deluxe emits smaller and hotter blue flames which allow for safe, efficient, and more complete fuel combustion that’s optimized for cooking. Fire Pit Mode produces larger orange flames, which offer a true campfire experience. When done using Grill Mode, users can simply remove the grill insert and switch over to Fire Pit Mode to enjoy a contained and safe campfire. With its foldable legs, FireCan Deluxe packs away like a breeze and is ideal for grilling at the beach or campsite, while tailgating, and is perfect for overlanding adventures.

“We are really excited about the FireCan Deluxe and its unique two-burner design, which allows us to safely pack a ton of functionality into such a small package,” says Peter Pontano, Ignik’s Marketing and Product Development Director. “On top of that (rather underneath), the separate quick-connect inputs are tucked into either side of the can, making it super easy to set up in the right ‘mode’ and even more low profile than the original FireCan. This truly is the next generation of outdoor heating and cooking.”

The FireCan Deluxe is available now at ignik.com and other retailers and easily hooks up to Ignik’s refillable fuel options or any propane source. MSRP: $299.99. For more information, please contact stacy@darbycommunications.com.


About Ignik

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