INFINIT Nutrition Introduces :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel

July 19, 2023

Company responds to emerging research on high carbohydrate fueling recommendations with new 90 and 120 gram drink mixes for pro-level performance

Cincinnati, Ohio, July 19, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – INFINIT Nutrition, the leader in personalized sports nutrition, announced the launch of a new product line to the US market. :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel is an ultra high carbohydrate sports drink mix scientifically formulated for endurance athletes who are looking to go harder for longer.

“Fueling strategies utilizing high carb loads of 90-120+ grams per hour are gaining steam,” INFINIT CEO Michael Folan explained. “Not only among top pros but among all calibers of athletes who want to tap into their peak performance potential.”

INFINIT, which is known for its Custom sports drink mixes, is well-positioned to cater to this emerging market.

“The superior digestibility and absorbability of our formulas allow athletes to cram a ton of nutrition into their bottle while eliminating the need to mess with gels, bars, and other solids that can be a hassle to consume while you’re out there going hard.”

As buzz continues to grow around high carb fueling methods like those popularized by Tour de France riders, the company knew it was time to expand the INFINIT Premium Fructose Fuel line which has been available in Australia since 2018.

The company incorporated field testing and feedback from top athletes and coaches in the development and refinement of the new formulations. Building on the success of the 90g formula in the Australian market, the 120g formula also utilizes a 2:1 glucose-to-fructose ratio accomplished with four different carbohydrate sources — maltodextrin, fructose, glucose, and sucrose.

Like all INFINIT products, the new :PREMIUM Fructose Fuel formulas are formulated to digest and absorb efficiently. But the difference lies in the addition of crystalline fructose as an additional carb source. Fructose allows the athlete to absorb high levels of carbohydrates better while avoiding the stomach problems that can arise from oversaturating the gut.

:PREMIUM Fructose Fuel will fall under INFINIT’s Custom product line, allowing the customer to personalize their formula with their choice of:

  • Carbohydrate level: 90 grams or 120 grams
  • Electrolyte levels: 400mg, 500mg, or 600mg of sodium
  • Flavor: Natural fruit punch, grape, lemon-lime, orange, or watermelon
  • Caffeine: Caffeine free, 50mg or 100mg per serving

:PREMIUM Fructose Fuel is only available online through INFINIT’s website, and starts at a price of $42.99 for a 12-serving package ($3.58/serving or hour of nutrition). INFINIT also offers consultations with experienced registered dietitians who provide free Custom formula setup assistance and guidance.

About INFINIT Nutrition

INFINIT Nutrition is a worldwide sports nutrition company based in Cincinnati, Ohio with production facilities in the US, Australia, and the Czech Republic. Specializing in personalized nutrition, INFINIT produces customizable drink mixes designed by dietitians to naturally maximize athletic performance and fitness results. Developed with the company’s proprietary Osmo-FIT™ system, INFINIT hydration and protein ready-to-mix supplements are made with clean natural ingredients, and are formulated to be easy to digest even in the most extreme conditions. For more information, visit infinitnutrition.com.