International Parkour Federation (IPF) Reaffirms Full Independence

July 7, 2020

Representatives from more than 50 countries and 5 continents attend 2020 Congress

Indiana, USA. IPF, the international governing body and the sole competent authority for Parkour and Freerunning, reaffirmed today its status as a fully independent sport.

Representatives from more than 50 countries and 5 continents attended the 2020 International Congress via Zoom. IPF’s status as a wholly independent and self-governed international federation was ratified unanimously by the members. IPF has supported the growth of independent National Parkour Federations since 2014, as well as educational, peace and gender equity initiatives around the world.

We were so moved by the support, enthusiasm and optimism shown by all participants” said IPF President Victor Bevine.

Many new members were welcomed from Africa and Latin America. The effects of COVID-19 on Parkour businesses and the global community were discussed, as well as formats for virtual competitions that would safeguard the health of all participants.

In January 2018, IPF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) with the goal of establishing a collaborative platform to benefit the global Parkour community. Unable to find mutually agreeable terms that would guarantee the autonomy of Parkour, IPF did not renew the MoU when it expired in April 2018.

In the spirit of the global Peace and Sport movement and as part of IPF’s “Peace Through Parkour” initiative, the Parkour Federation of Kuwait extended the hand of friendship and a promise of financial support to the Yemen Parkour Federation, who are faced with the extreme pressures of providing Parkour instruction to young people in the midst of a war. Federacion de Parkour Costa Rica introduced one of their country’s accomplished female Parkour athletes who is a new member of IPF’s Women’s Empowerment Committee.

IPF recently received a letter of gratitude from the Royal Moroccan Federation of Urban Sports (FRMSU) for IPF’s support of their 2020 National Parkour Championship, attended by IPF Secretary General David Thompson. “We have been working with the Moroccan Parkour community for many years,” Thompson said, “and it was inspiring to see the recognition these dedicated athletes are now receiving from the Moroccan government sports officials.”

IPF and FRMSU are proud to announce their collaboration on the 2020 “Virtual” Africa Parkour Cup, the first digital Urban Sports Event in Africa, open to Parkour athletes from all IPF member countries in Africa.

About the International Parkour Federation

Formally established in 2014, IPF with member organizations in 65 countries, and is the sole competent authority for the sport of Parkour, related disciplines and events worldwide. IPF is a registered 501c3 US-based non-profit representing the needs of its national federations and athlete members across five continents.

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