Introducing a New All-Purpose Rechargeable Headlamp: The Fenix HM60R

November 15, 2021

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Outdoor adventure has a new, all-purpose companion — the just-launched Fenix HM60R. The latest rechargeable headlamp from Fenix comes with a slew of features built to let you do more of what you love. Long-distance running, multi-day hiking, or tireless work, the HM60R is ready for action. This rechargeable headlamp even comes with an intelligent stride frequency sensor which changes brightness depending on your stride frequency. Both extremely lightweight and durable, this rechargeable headlamp is perfect for use whenever you are on-the-move.

The HM60R has three types of light — a white spotlight for long-distance illumination, a neutral floodlight for better color rendering, and a red light to preserve your night vision. Whether you want to use it for hiking at night, reading in your tent, or completing an up-close task, the versatile HM60R headlamp is perfect for any job. Use its large, glove-friendly, button switch to shift between eight total lighting modes. IP68 rated, this water and dustproof headlamp’s battery charging port is also hidden with an inner waterproof interface making the HM60R reliable under harsh conditions.

This high-performance new rechargeable headlamp delivers a maximum of 1200 lumens across an impressive distance of 381 ft (116 m), an incredible amount of light for a headlamp weighing only 5.54 oz (157 g). Packed with useful features, the new Fenix HM60R is the perfect rechargeable headlamp for work or play.


About Fenix Lighting

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