Introducing Fenix’s Newest Releases: The Ultra-Bright LR50R and The E-LITE Mini Flashlight

January 29, 2021

With the new year brings new releases from Fenix. Fenix has long been known for its quality flashlights and lighting solution products and these latest releases are no exception. These two new models announced from Fenix offer distinctly different, but equally useful features.

The first new product, the LR50R Flashlight, is the type of light one thinks of when considering high-performance flashlights. With the ability to shine 12,000 lumens over a span of an unbelievable 3,117 feet (950 meters), this new addition to Fenix’s lineup is a powerful long-distance spotlight. This flashlight is powered by an included li-ion battery pack that can not only offer eight different lighting modes, but can also be used as charger for other devices, such as a cell phone, when needed. Beyond its raw power, the light is also equipped with smart downshifting technology. The intelligent sensor within the light will downshift its brightness level when it recognizes the flashlight’s head is too close to an object. This feature allows for users to avoid accidents due to excessive heat. Overall, this is not only an extremely powerful tool, its added features make it a must-have for search and rescue operations or for those who simply appreciate high-performance lighting.

The second new release from Fenix is the E-LITE Mini Flashlight. Standing only 2 inches tall and weighing in at 0.63 ounces with the battery included, this light is the ultimate compact tool. For its small size, the E-LITE is still packed with useful features. The integrated clip along the side can easily be affixed to any shirt pocket, hat, or anywhere where you need a little extra light for hands-free capability. It is powered by a li-polymer rechargeable battery and can shine a max of 150 lumens, a surprising amount of power for a light roughly the size of a little finger. The down-facing light can shine both red and blue reading light or, if you find yourself in a serious situation, can flash blue and red light to signal for help. Small but mighty, the E-LITE is IP66 rain resistant and is shock-proof up to 1 meter. If you are in the market for a small, feature-rich light, this is the right light for you.

About Fenix:

Fenix Lighting is the official US distributor of Fenix products. Fenix Lighting is one of the most reputable flashlight companies in the industry and is dedicated to providing customers the best light sources. Our high-performing LED flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and more give customers a wide range of lighting devices to choose from for any situation. Purchase one of our ultra-bright headlamps for hands-free lighting or buy an EDC flashlight for daily use. With regular improvements to existing lights, expect only the most high-performing, user-friendly, and brightest lights from Fenix Lighting.