Introducing the Orange Mud Adventure Project

November 1, 2017

Orange Mud launches Adventure Project to help fund and document 2018 projects.

Adventure is at the heart of Orange Mud. The passion of athletes is what fuels our drive, designs and energy to explore.

For 2018, Orange Mud is launching The Orange Mud Adventure Project. This platform is aimed at creating a film, or films, that will document selected athletes as they undertake adventures around the globe.

The Orange Mud Adventure Project will be partnering with athletes of different levels planning a large-scale project in 2018. Some examples:

  • Fastpacking for days, weeks on some epic trail
  • Circumnavigating Kilimanjaro on foot
  • Trekking across Iceland
  • Running an epic trail in Chile
  • Riding a major trail unsupported
  • Bike-packing across Africa
  • Coming back from some major life struggles
  • Shooting some amazing shots in the backcountry while circumnavigating one of the coolest places on earth
  • Going for an FKT
  • Challenging yourself to something on the edge of your limits

Orange Mud will be working with selected projects to provide some funding, gear, and product from partner brands to help make these dreams a reality. Chosen adventures will be announced on January 16th, 2018.

To learn more about The Orange Mud Adventure Project, or to apply, please visit https://www.orangemud.com/pages/the-orange-mud-adventure-project