Introducing the Ride1Up CF Racer1

December 12, 2023

Performance, Value, and Aesthetics. No Massive Price Tag

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Ride1Up leads the charge when it comes to impressive performance and value. The CF Racer1 is not breaking from the trend with a sub $2500 price tag and features that wouldn’t be out of place on a bike four times that MSRP. Additionally, Ride1Up has the bike at a discounted launch price of $2,195.00.

The CF Racer1 is engineered for riders who crave speed and versatility, boasting an ultra-light carbon fiber frame and a cutting-edge concealed powertrain, two build options, and an impressive component spec, setting a new standard for performance-inspired electric bikes.

CF Racer1 Highlights:

  • Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber Frame: The CF Racer1 features a state-of-the-art carbon fiber frame, ensuring exceptional strength and durability while maintaining an incredibly lightweight design. This makes it the perfect choice for riders who prioritize speed and agility.
  • Sleek Concealed Motor and Battery: With a completely concealed powertrain, the CF Racer1 delivers a streamlined and aesthetically pleasing look. Ideal for those seeking more speed or assistance without breaking the bank, the CF Racer1 is equipped to handle uphill challenges and keep up with or lead a group. The powerful 250W nominal BAFANG motor provides the necessary boost, making every ride an exhilarating experience.
  • Versatile Riding Experience: Available as a traditional road setup or modern gravel spec, the CF Racer1 allows riders to choose their own style. Whether navigating gravel paths or cruising on the open road, this electric bike delivers an incredible ride wherever you choose to adventure.
  • Components: The CF Racer1 is available in two versions – gravel and road – both models are equipped with SRAM Rival 1x11s components for performance and proven reliability for any adventure. A wide-range cassette and powerful hydraulic brakes let you power up any climb and confidently descend.
  • Sizes: Small (50cm) and Large (56cm)
  • Colors: Rainbow Black, Gloss & Clouded Gray
  • MSRP: $2,195.00 (For a limited time, normally MSRP is $2,295.00