Introducing the TerraTrike Rogue: Clunky shifting is no longer a necessary evil

December 14, 2020

With intuitive, maintenance-free gearing, triking has never been better

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — New for 2021, TerraTrike’s Rogue creates a whole new level of comfort and ease in cycling, a complete departure from the world of finicky, clunky shifting. The Rogue’s internally geared enviolo hub offers an infinite range of seamless shifting – from a standstill or under load – without the noise of idler pulleys or the constant tuning of derailleurs.

Retailing at $1,599, the all-new TerraTrike Rogue comes equipped with powerful disc brakes, fast-rolling tires and a supple steel frame paired with a wide fixed seat for a comfortable but connected ride feel.

“Just the quiet, smooth, easy shifting experience of this new Rogue alone would have made it a home run,” said TerraTrike Sales and Marketing Director Marshall Randall. “But the value at this price point is what really puts it over the top. Being the largest recumbent trike brand in the business allowed us to bring some economies of scale to the design table here, and the result is something really special.”

The Rogue’s continuously variable planetary transmission, powered by enviolo’s NuVinci-style City hub, offers an infinitely adjustable shifting experience that means no more “steps” between gears and no more limitations on when or how to shift – just seamless transition to any ratio within the trike’s gearing range, accessed through an intuitive bar-mounted controller.

Adjustable mesh tension straps and seat struts in the Rogue’s seat allow for a customizable ride, while adjustable handlebars offer plenty of real estate for accessories, like navigation aids, phone mounts and snack bags. The Rogue’s seat mesh also incorporates an integrated tool pocket and integrated flag holder for increased safety and visibility.

For dealer inquiries, contact Steve Tanaka at stevet@wizwheelz.com. For more info, visit terratrike.com or follow on Instagram or Facebook. To connect with a community of trikers, join the TerraTrike Isolation Riders club on Strava.

About WizWheelz

The WizWheelz, Inc. family of brands includes TerraTrike, GreenSpeed and KMX. Based in Grand Rapids, Mich., TerraTrike was founded on the simple notion that recumbent touring trikes are more fun. For more than 24 years, TerraTrike has been bringing adventure touring and leisure triking to the masses, maintaining one of the industry’s most extensive sales and support teams, with over 250 dealers and 300 doors internationally. With the acquisition of GreenSpeed and distribution rights of KMX in 2020, WizWheelz is proud to offer the industry’s most extensive roster of recumbent trike options worldwide.