Introducing the Varsity Explorer rollator on 10″ tires

May 11, 2022

The wheels are rated of expert experience, septugenarian and above

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Introducing the Varsity Explorer™ rollator to the USA, with an aluminum frame at @22lbs, and four 10” solid tires, for cracked sidewalks, dirt and cinder paths, gravel drives and lawns, because old people venture outdoors the same as us all.

These wheels call for serious experience, septuagenarian and above level expertise. Where most people see a medical appliance we see an exercise machine, on par with bikes, baby joggers and sport wheelchairs. Assisted walking like a bicycle is assisted running.

The Varsity Explorer is not new, not built in our garage. It’s fully consumer tested, in widespread use the world over by outdoor enthusiasts, people who refuse to sit down, and refuse to stay home. With the standard basket and sling seat, on 10” tires, this Varsity is perfect around the highschool track, birding, and rails to trails. If not fast, go far.

With launch day upon us, we decided to give one away, with the winner to be announced on June 4th. Follow this link for contest rules and to enter, if not for you, for the parent or grandparent who taught you to love the outside:

To learn more about our complete product line of aluminum and carbon fiber frames, visit, demos available for product reviews, Call Nick at 412-229-7454 in Pittsburgh, PA USA. #NationalTrailsDay #ActiveGrandparentHyphothesis #KeepMoving