Is Your Hammock Kind to Trees?

July 15, 2016

New Craze of Hammocking Raises Concern for Trees

While a lazy summer afternoon is the perfect afternoon to take advantage of a long nap on a hammock, it may be harming the trees they’re strung on.

The repeated use of hammocks causes stress and damages tree bark — so much so, Florida and some colleges have banned their use. However, Free To Be Outfitters’ lightweight hammocks, with Eco-friendly straps, are designed to not harm the trees they’re tied to. The high quality 210T nylon — which is also used in mission critical applications like parachutes — does not compromise safety, comfort and, most of all, relaxation.

Free To Be Outfitters’ hammocks uses a wide strap instead of a rope, which does a better job in distributing the weight of the hammock. Forestry experts also agree that placement of the hammocks on the lower, thicker part of the trunk causes less harm to the tree than placing it higher — it’s advice Free To Be Outfitters passes on to all hammock users. The company also suggests taking down hammocks when not in use, as repeated stress on the same area can injure a tree. Free To Be Outfitters’ use of the wider, tree-friendly straps makes installing and taking down its hammock quick and easy.

“We’ve received amazing feedback from our customers about our tree-friendly hammock and we’re excited to be scaling up production to reach more individuals who are looking for a high quality hammock that minimizes its impact on the environment,” Jennie Wells, spokesperson for Free To Be Outfitters, said. “Our hammock is made of breathable, high-quality materials that dries quickly. It offers durability and great performance as well as strength and resilience. Its construction and commitment to minimizing its impact on trees is something our competitors can’t match.”

Free To Be Outfitters’ hammock preserves tree bark by using extra-long, environmentally-friendly tree straps made of heavy duty, nautical-grade rope with steel carabiners. Foldable and lightweight, the hammock can fit in a coffee can.

“We love the outdoors. We love naps under the shade. But what’s even better about relaxing or sleeping in our hammock is knowing you’re being kind to those trees overhead — and we are proud to be partnering with Feeding America.  Every hammock purchased literally helps to feed the hungry. We donate seven percent of our company’s profits to Feeding America,” Jennie Wells said. “You can rest easy knowing that.”

Free To Be Outfitters’ hammock currently offers $20 discount for customers using the code ‘BESTHAMM’ at checkout in exchange for an honest review left on Amazon...

Link directly to listing on Amazon:   http://tinyurl.com/z6894lh

About Free To Be Outfitters:

We Love Nature. We are in awe with its magical beauty and healing power and want to remind people to take a break, get outdoors and experience the beauty of nature in a fun and relaxing way. Nothing nourishes and soothes our soul like Mother Nature. We truly believe our “health is our wealth.” We are also passionate about being of service to others and sharing our blessings. We’ve partnered with a non-profit organization that is dear to our hearts. Feeding America is having a real impact with feeding the hungry right here in our country. For every sale of our high quality hammocks we donate seven percent of the profits to Feeding America.   And that makes our heart’s happy. We hope you will enjoy knowing your purchase is also helping to feed a family in need.