K2 Skis Goes Big for the 16/17 Season

January 20, 2016

New Built For Comfort boot series, Factory Team skis and freeride skis for men and women are sure to bring Serious Fun

K2 Skis continues its 50-plus year mission of bringing Serious Fun to skiers across the globe with its 16/17 products. Highlights of the line include new comfort-focused boots, athlete-influenced Factory Team skis, an addition to the popular Pinnacle ski series and three new women’s freeride Luv skis.

K2’s all new Built For Comfort (BFC) ski boots provide men and women four new options that keep their feet more comfortable while in the parking lot, on the mountain or in the lodge enjoying après ski. The wider 103mm last widths of the men’s BFC 100 Walk and 90, as well as the women’s BFC 90 Walk and 80 deliver a level of upgraded comfort previously not found in traditional ski boots. With a roomy fit, hands-free entry, “après” walk mode and all day performance these boots offer an alternative to the decades-old idea that ski boots have to be stiff, cramped and uncomfortable.

It’s been no secret that for the past 20 years K2 Skis has supported the raddest athletes on snow so they can create the best products on the planet. With the help of K2’s world-class engineers, the Factory Team created two all-new skis that sit at the heart of the Factory Team freeride line. Both the 106mm-waisted Marksman and 96mm-underfoot Poacher feature K2’s Double Barrel core, which utilizes denser material over the edges for extra durability and less dense center core materials for reduced swing weight.

The new Marksman, which was heavily influenced by the ski styles of Pep Fujas, Sean Pettit and Andy Mahre, has a totally unique look with asymmetrical tips and tails that offer ample platforms for butters and presses while a sculpted outside edge allows for predictable turn engagement and release. The combination of the different edge shapes makes the Marksman a jack-of-all-trade ski that’s both playful in soft snow and a powerful performer on firmer conditions.

Also part of the Factory Team line is the Poacher, the ultimate ski for high-impact urban and park skiers like Sean Jordan and Clayton Vila. Built with K2’s legendary durability and performance, the Poacher takes advantage of a Carbon Boost Braid – a braided carbon pattern in the tail and even tip – for added pop and rebound.

The brand new Pinnacle 88 features the same metal laminate-reinforced Nanolite and Aspen wood core construction found on the Pinnacle 95 and 105, fan favorites in 2015/16. The low density/high strength Nanolite found through the center of the core allows for a dramatically reduced swing weight, while the metal-reinforced Aspen perimeter gives this versatile instrument added power and stability for increased performance.

K2 is pushing women’s skiing into the realm of the radical with three new freeride skis. Designed, tested and approved by the K2 Ski Alliance, the Luv Boat 105, FulLUVit 95 and AlLUVit 88 offer a variety of waist widths for ladies who are ready to charge any terrain, whether it’s inbounds or off-piste.

The women’s freeride line merges the metal-laminated Bioflex wood blend with K2’s Konic Technology to create reactive, smooth-flexing and lightweight skis. The skis’ lightweight center helps reduce swing weight so skiers can optimize their energy and stay on the mountain longer while the metal laminate-reinforced BioFlex wood core perimeter provides increased strength and stability for initiating and maintaining reliable turns.

The impressive combination of gorgeous graphics and innovative technologies makes this trio of new skis perfect for ladies looking to take their skiing to a new dimension.

K2 knows that skiers want to stay out longer and play harder, that’s why K2’s it’s all about encouraging skiers to take one more run, or maybe two. With a unique new spectrum of products for skiers of all kinds, K2’s 16/17 gear is ready to get skiers ripping.

About K2 Skis

Delivering Serious Fun since 1962, K2’s commitment to the all-mountain skier remains the driving force behind its industry-leading innovations. With an all-encompassing E3 (Energy Efficient Engineering) design philosophy, K2 unveils a fully integrated collection of award-winning skis, boots, helmets, goggles, poles and backcountry safety tools that offer a complete solution for the all-mountain skier. Whether at the resort, in the park or deep in the backcountry, K2 is all about enjoying the ski experience. For the latest information on K2 products, athlete activities and promotions visit K2skis.com.