Kari Traa Launches “Celebrate Yourself” Marketing Campaign, Addresses Daily Pressures and Expectations Women Face

September 13, 2017

Campaign encourages female liberation from unreasonable expectations, celebrating personal goals, successes and accomplishments

Oslo, Norway  — Kari Traa, Europe’s fastest-growing women’s apparel manufacturer and No. 1 baselayer brand in Scandinavia, launches its largest marketing campaign to date — “Celebrate Yourself” — a full-scale initiative in Europe and North America that empowers women to celebrate themselves and their personal pursuits for staying happier, healthier and stronger.

Driving the campaign is a two-minute video that takes a female gym-goer through a new kind of locker room: a fun, non-competitive and inclusive space. The upbeat and all around free-spirited performance positions the campaign’s message of liberating oneself from unreasonable expectations of beauty and appearance.

“Today’s women are constantly exposed to unreasonable pressures, expectations and standards coming from a variety of sources,” says Sissel Himle, marketing manager at Kari Traa. “We want women to liberate themselves from all of this and know that they are beautiful and worthy of celebration, regardless of their body type, diet or exercise routine.”

A study carried out among Nordic women by Kari Traa in 2016 found one in three women feel pressured to exercise more, while nine out of ten women would change a part of their body, if they could. The 2017 campaign urges women to celebrate their strengths, triumphs and challenges.

Founded by three-time Olympic medalist and four-time World Champion freestyle skier Kari Traa, the Norwegian brand continues to empower women through various outlets, including their work on The Swedish Model campaign.

“An unattainable body ideal has become the norm in our society today,” says Kari Traa, founder of the brand that bears her name. “Women are bombarded with extreme standards of beauty and exercising on social media, blogs and from their surroundings. This is problematic.”

Kari Traa

Founded in 2002 by Olympic medalist and World Champion freestyle skier Kari Traa, the brand that bears her name is a result of Norwegian heritage and the need for trustworthy women’s-specific active wear. Today, Kari Traa is Scandinavia’s leading sportswear brand and Europe’s fastest-growing women’s apparel brand. For strong and active girls who also want to express their femininity, style and individuality, Kari Traa inspires women to lead a happier, healthier and stronger lifestyle—made by girls, for girls. Kari Traa sportswear is available in specialty retail stores throughout Scandinavia, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. For more information about Kari Traa, visit www.karitraa.com.