KAVU Unleashes Fall 2018 Collection, Concedes Winter is, Indeed, Coming

August 28, 2018

Seattle – KAVU, Seattle’s iconic outdoor apparel and accessory manufacturer, has decided to release the new fall 2018 line, despite concerns about ushering in the colder months and Seattle’s inclement weather.

“Some of the staff thought summer wasn’t quite long enough this year so they asked we delay the release of our fall collection,” said Barry Barr, founder and CEO at KAVU. “I think we’re all still riding the 25th anniversary high and don’t want to see that slip away just yet.”

Based in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, KAVU started in 1993 when Barr poured the savings he’d earned from a commercial fishing venture in Alaska into manufacturing the Strapcap – an on-water essential that rose to prominence for its gale-resistant fastening and signature webbing.

Celebrating its 25th year in business as an independently-owned company, KAVU is now a household name among 20-30 year-olds and outdoor enthusiasts, known for its “festie” vibes, bombproof construction and easy-living cuts.

The fall collection showcases new button ups, flannels, fleeces, hat, vests and jackets for men, women and kids.

Indicative of the KAVU staff’s trepidation about the change of seasons, the new collection includes two new ponchos – Rained Out ($100), a packable insulated poncho modeled after a classic blue tarp that magically converts into a blanket, and Poncho This ($55), a lightweight, hooded essential for staying dry that packs down into one of the pockets.

Spotlight items to keep the ladies warm this winter include: Scotia ($70), a pair of patterned insulated joggers with diamond quilting; Wildwood ($90), a formfitting onesie with a hooded draw cord; and the Deer Haven ($110), a mid-thigh length jacket in wide plaid with a quilted taffeta lining.

Highlights of the men’s line include: Highline ($75), a classic crew sweater featuring conifers and a sneaky Sasquatch; Howdoyoudo ($80), a casual fit flannel with a mish-mash color patterning; and the Partaker ($140) is a waxed cotton, flannel lined, hooded jacked that’s bound to give Barbour a run for its money.

There are also additions to the ever-popular rope bag line, as well as new clutches, totes and insulated gear for keeping beverages and food cool.

“The new line is rad. Don’t get us wrong. We are pumped to get it out there. But it’s important to step back sometimes and realize how precious summer is, especially to us in the Pacific Northwest,” said Tyler Lee, marketing manager at KAVU. “We all know that fun has no season, but we also know that summer time is when the living is easy.”

The fall 2018 line is now available at over 2000 stores across the U.S. and Canada.


About KAVU

Founded in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, KAVU has been committed to creating clothing and accessories for people to live life to the fullest since it delivered its first hat in 1993. KAVU derives its name from an aviation acronym, “Klear Above Visibility Unlimited,” which is a guiding principle in how the company does business. Learn more at