KidRunner signs SIMBOL Communications as PR Agency of Record

July 10, 2018

World’s only hands-free running stroller looks to PR, other marketing tools to spread word of literally game-changing product

Bend, OR (July 10, 2018) KidRunner, the world’s first and only hands-free jogger/stroller – which allows you to pull rather than push your stroller, run in a more natural, upright position, and cover a wider variety of terrain than traditional push rigs allow – has hired Park City-based SIMBOL Communications as their public relations agency of record. 

After years of R&D – including hundreds of running miles and even a race victory – along with multiple US patents and a sell-out initial product launch, KidRunner’s highly innovative, multi-terrain, game-changing solution for running parents is now available for immediate delivery. And for those who want to use their KidRunners for more than just running, aftermarket add-ons like a push/stroller option and a Nordic ski solution are in the works, as well as other possibilities. 

Throughout the R&D phase, KidRunner engaged elite athletes, everyday mom/dad runners, and sports experts from throughout the industry to collaborate on KidRunner’s breakthrough solution. The excellent feedback and sales via entirely grass-roots efforts has now positioned KidRunner to affect a massive media and marketing push to dramatically boost product awareness and sales. But even with the best marketing, it all starts with a truly unique and intelligently designed product, invented out of a love for the sport and dedication to get kids outside while allowing parents to get the best experience possible.

“As parent runners, designers and inventors, we knew there was a better way to share our love of sports, fitness and the outdoors with our kid,” says William Warne, founder. “So we had to create it from scratch. We knew KidRunner had to be the first and only kid stroller/jogger that enables high performance, natural running form, over a variety of terrains, and it had to be beautifully designed without compromising on performance or versatility.” 

“In short, we wanted to create and share the only intentionally designed running stroller/jogger to run with our kids combining design and engineering with our intuition about biomechanical efficiency. The result is now proven by science as a more natural, efficient way to run with a stroller.”

And SIMBOL’s deep knowledge of and experience in the running and outdoor markets should be a perfect addition to help with KidRunner’s ambitious goals. 

“Scott [Boulbol, co-founder] and I both have kids with whom we’ve shared immense joy while running. But we always knew there was a better way,” says Nic Sims, co-founder of SIMBOL Communications. “We immediately recognized the brilliance of the KidRunner, and said ‘Why didn’t we think of that?’ The fact that you pull rather than push – and of course the hands-free aspect – means you’re not only more comfortable but more efficient too. And the ability to run on our favorite trails, even more rugged ones, is a huge layer of icing on the cake!”

About KidRunner:
KidRunner is a Bend, OR-based company dedicated to sports design, innovation and performance. The KidRunner jogging stroller is for active parents who want to maintain their fitness and sense of wellbeing while enjoying life with their kids; it’s the only high performance running stroller that is ultra-light, super fast and multi-terrain, so consumers can continue to have the necessary freedom with the people they love. Unlike low-tech push joggers, KidRunner is the first intentionally designed sports equipment for athletic parents.

About SIMBOL Communications:
SIMBOL Communications formed to help brands tell truthful, authentic stories through exposure in a wide variety of media outlets, developing creative  in the outdoor, cycling and fitness industries — as both industry professionals and competitive enthusiasts — the founders of SIMBOL have the all the tools to get powerful stories to the right audience.