KINeSYS Sunscreen rolls out their first-ever Affiliate Program

June 16, 2020

KINeSYS announces a further program to give back to their loyal community

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen announces a further program to give back to their loyal community amid the challenges associated with Covid-19; launching their first-ever Affiliate Program for close to 100 “Champions” across Canada, USA and Australia.

Over the course of the last few months, with the Covid-19 pandemic, people within the active and outdoor communities have had their lives disrupted, often including their income earning capacity. “We thought it would be a great win/win for our community of ambassadors, we call Champions. They are already sharing about how much they love our products with their own communities, so we thought we could reward them for any and all sales which come from that sharing.” states Lisa Heggie, Co-Owner of KINeSYS Sunscreen.

The small, family-owned business doesn’t have the same resources as some of its larger competitors. The addition of the affiliate program creates an opportunity for its community of loyal fans, some of whom have been using their products since inception, 25 years ago.

The brand is passionate about communicating the importance of sun protection for those who are passionate about keeping active. There are a multitude of sports and activities which are represented by the Champions. Everything from running to pickleball to golf. The KINeSYS Champions are from the 3 countries in which KINeSYS operate, Canada, USA and Australia.

“KINeSYS has always been a big believer in supporting our community. During these uncertain times, supporting them is more important than ever. “That’s why we thought this would be the perfect time to implement the program.” says KINeSYS Co-Owner, Wade Heggie.

The Affiliate Program is simple. Each Champion who chooses to register will receive a personalized link which they simply share on their social platforms as well as websites, if they have them.

For more information about becoming a KINeSYS Champion or their new Affiliate Program.

About KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen is a leading sunscreen manufacturer based in Canada. For 25 years, the brand has been developing and distributing high-performance sunscreens and sun protection products around the globe, helping to spread the message of sun safety for all outdoor enthusiasts, ‘However You Perform’. The range features oil-free, alcohol-free and preservative-free sunscreens beloved by both athletes and amateurs alike. Available through specialty Retail Partners in the USA, Canada and Australia; and online at www.kinesysactive.com, www.kinesyactive.ca, and www.kinesysactive.com.au.

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