Kitsbow x Mechanix Wear Gloves Hit The Store

September 18, 2018

New line of premium cycling gloves designed with Mechanix Wear are now available for purchase.

PETALUMA, Calif. (Sept. 18, 2018) Following Kitsbow’s announcement this spring regarding its collaboration with Mechanix Wear, a brand known for their innovative and highly-specific work gloves, the new HiLine Midweight Glove and Kitchel Lightweight Glove are now available for purchase. 

“Mechanix is full of passionate mountain bikers, starting with the founders, and when presented the opportunity to collaborate on a glove, we didn’t hesitate.” said Zander Nosler, CEO and Founder of Kitsbow. “With their expertise we are able to deliver a superior product at a very attractive price point and we could not be more excited to release these gloves built and designed in tandem with such a talented crew, passionate about gloves and mountain biking.” 

“Everybody at Mechanix Wear was extremely excited to embark on this new collaboration,” said Michael J Hale, CEO of Mechanix Wear. “Both brands share the same ethos in terms of product quality, attention to detail and positive customer experience. Our company was founded by riders and racers so the project was close to our hearts and we were able to personally test the gloves in harsh, abrasive conditions to ensure they delivered the performance both brands promise.”  

The HiLine is a midweight glove designed for grip, cockpit protection and comfort, using Mechanix leather to provide extra protection for the palm and maximum control of the handlebar. The back and front of each finger have been drilled for ventilation, allowing moisture escape. Light padding protects your knuckles. MSRP: $49.95

For a lightweight option, the Kitchel inspires confidence and control with maximum ventilation and feel for the handlebar. Vent holes in the fingers provide aeration, while the close-fit wrist cuff keeps the glove in place. The Kitchel is a durable and secure solution for a riding glove that’s barely noticeable on your hand. MSRP: $39.95

Additionally, both gloves are 100% touch compatible, allowing for easy texting and screen interaction. A subtle flash of Kitsbleu marks each of these gloves as a new staple in Kitsbow’s collection. 

The HiLine and Kitchel are now available for purchase at To receive updates on other Kitsbow products, sign up for email at

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