Kitzuma Cycling Logistics Launches; Offers Fully Built Bike Delivery

December 1, 2020

Cycling industry logistics vets reinvent how bikes are shipped, delivered for manufacturers, retailers, DTC consumers, teams, and more

Asheville, North Carolina (December 1, 2020) — A team of cycling industry logistics veterans with decades of experience in the field is rethinking the way bikes are shipped for every purpose with their new brand Kitzuma Cycling Logistics (www.kitzuma.com). The over-the-road shipping service officially launched on December 1st offering dock-to-door, box-free, ready-to-ride bike delivery nationwide, and for any purpose, with pricing and shipping times on par with the major delivery services.

What sets Kitzuma apart from other logistics brands in the bike industry is the simplification of the process: Traditionally a manufacturer must build up a new bike, then break it down again to box it up; then they hand it off to a shipping company who delivers it via truck and/or air cargo to the retailer/consumer; finally, the recipient has to unbox and rebuild the bike. “Instead, Kitzuma picks up, transports, and delivers bikes fully built and ready to ride,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Taylor Essick. “We handle any style of bike from racing to urban and dirt to pavement; even E-bikes, which have been notoriously problematic and expensive to deliver, are no problem for us.

“In our decades in the industry, we knew there had to be a better, more streamlined way,” Essick continues. “As bikes get more and more complicated, many brands have struggled with selling high-end bikes, only to have them show up in a box and burden the customer with building it. There’s no personal connection between shipper and customer in that scenario, not to mention that bikes often arrive late, damaged, or sometimes not at all. We’ve figured out a way to solve these problems and others inherent in the industry. And we’ll deliver for any purpose you can think of, including retail shops, trade shows, major races/events, local cycling clubs/teams, individual DTC buyers, and more.”

Kitzuma is already shipping bikes in a pilot program with a major distributor representing three major bike brands. Kitzuma has been delivering these direct-to-consumer bike orders across the Southeast for a few weeks now. They also have commitments from a handful of other brands beginning soon, and with the launch, they’ll open that service to brands and individuals across the country. Potential partners appreciate the inherent benefits of Kitzuma’s unique model.

“From day one, we’ve been committed to never damaging a bike. Ever.” COO and Co-Founder, Chris Cosgrove adds. “We only work with bikes, unlike the shipping giants who handle countless other products in massive quantities. We’ve designed a racking system that keeps them perfectly safe throughout the transport process, and we back each shipment with a guarantee for safe delivery.”

Kitzuma simply picks up fully built bikes from the source, racks them individually in their specially equipped vans and trucks, and then delivers them to the recipient’s door ready to ride. They’re never boxed and never come in contact with any other cargo. The specially trained delivery techs will even spend some time setting up the bike for the individual consumer, answering questions and addressing other needs as well.

“We’ve invested heavily in building a technology platform to improve the bike shipping experience,” says CITO and Co-Founder Tony Eggers. “Our goal is to leverage technology to connect people who have bikes with people who want bikes, and to support a network where bikes can move throughout the world efficiently and transparently.”

For more information please email Kitzuma at info@kitzuma.com or call at 855-KITZUMA.

For MEDIA inquiries please contact SIMBOL Communications, their Agency of Record: info@simbolpr.com

About Kitzuma

We pick up bikes at the source and deliver them over-the-road directly to the consumer, whether you’re a brand, individual, local cycling club or team, or retailer. We can even provide logistical support for your demo event, including basic mechanic services if requested. Our specially equipped vans allow each bike to be individually racked and covered. We guarantee our customer’s bikes will arrive in perfect condition every time, on schedule, and immediately ready to ride! Learn more about us at https://www.kitzuma.com