LifeSaver Enters Exclusive Distribution Contract in Southeast Asia

May 29, 2018

Deal will provide widespread access to clean water & reduce consumption of single-use plastic bottles

May 29, 2018 – Colchester, UK – LifeSaver®, a UK-based manufacturer of portable and reusable water filtration systems, is excited to announce an exclusive three-year deal with ARS Indonesia that will boost their distribution in the Southeast Asia region. The partnership has the potential to keep millions of plastic bottles out of landfills and ocean waters by making portable, safe drinking water accessible in regions where there is no piped infrastructure for potable water. In addition, the deal will include the humanitarian distribution of LifeSaver products to approximately 100 villages across Southeast Asia.

Over the next three years, up to 122 million gallons of clean drinking water will be produced through LifeSaver’s premium products for the people of Southeast Asia, where residents often face challenges related to both the availability and safety of their water sources. A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report* stated that improving water, sanitation and hygiene could prevent almost 10% of the global burden of disease. In Southeast Asia, where about 1.1 million people (mostly children) die every year from diarrheal diseases, such interventions could help prevent about 8.4% of the burden of disease. LifeSaver technology provides reliable access to clean water by removing bacteria, microbial cysts and viruses, with no chemicals or electricity required.

In addition to protecting people from waterborne diseases, LifeSaver products will directly address the growing impact single-use plastic bottles are having on the environment. Use of plastic water bottles in the region is extensive, with some Southeast Asian nations among the worst polluters in the world. Assuming all the water filtered through LifeSaver technology is an alternative to buying 20-ounce single-use plastic bottles, this partnership could save more than 500 million plastic bottles from being used and discarded over the next three years.

“LifeSaver got its start with a humanitarian mission: to provide access to clean, safe drinking water in places where people didn’t have it,” says LifeSaver product manager Wesley Clarke-Sullivan. “This partnership allows us to reach millions of people in need of this exact kind of product. Add to that the fact that we can make a huge environmental impact by eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles, and we couldn’t be more excited to get going.”

With the first shipment of LifeSaver products already on its way, ARS will begin with distribution projects in Indonesia and Thailand before rolling them out to the Philippines and Malaysia later in 2018. U.S. customers can currently find LifeSaver products on their website and Amazon.com, along with a number of brick and mortar locations coming soon. To learn more about LifeSaver products, visit iconlifesaver.com.

*“Safer Water, Better Health,” WHO

About LifeSaver

Founded in the UK in 2007, LifeSaver came to life following back-to-back natural disasters: the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Inventor Michael Pritchard felt compelled to address the resulting need for access to clean drinking water. The first LifeSaver prototype was developed in Pritchard’s garage, and became the world’s first portable water filter capable of removing the smallest known waterborne viruses. Since that time, LifeSaver has established itself as an effective and long-lasting solution to drinking water issues in the humanitarian and military sectors, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts. www.iconlifesaver.com