LifeSaver Launches New Lightweight Water Purifier

March 16, 2022

Meet the LifeSaver Wayfarer™—the highest performing purifier on the market for under $100

Colchester, UK /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – LifeSaver®, UK-based manufacturer of elite water purification systems, announces the launch of its latest water purifier, the WayfarerTM. A perfect solution for backpackers, campers, and adventure travelers, the WayfarerTM is LifeSaver’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable portable water purifier to-date.

Using the same hollow fiber membrane technology as the best-selling Jerrycan, the WayfarerTM removes 99.999% of viruses, 99.9999% of bacteria, and 99.99% of cysts and parasites from fresh water sources. At just 11.4oz, this pump-style purifier is compact and light enough for long distance hikes and capable of purifying up to 1,320 US gallons over a filter’s lifetime. Equipped with a 4.2ft scavenger hose to draw water directly from the source and a 1.6ft out hose to fill a vessel, the WayfarerTM has an impressive initial flow rate of 1.4L per minute. The WayfarerTM also utilizes LifeSaver’s proprietary FailSafe Technology. Once the filter membranes are blocked with contaminants, water cannot pass through the filter, preventing the user from accidentally drinking contaminated water. The WayfarerTM is the only hiking water purifier independently tested to exceed full NSF/ANSI P231 water purification drinking standards. Retailing at $99.95, the LifeSaver WayfarerTM will be amongst the lightest water purifiers capable of removing viruses on the market for under $100. “We had a theory that there was a gap in the market for a serious, failsafe water purifier for under $100,” says Ian Selby, LifeSaver Export Sales Manager. “We proved that theory with market data and used it to create the design, making the WayfarerTM a true market ‘pull’ rather than product ‘push.’ The result is a real game-changer for outdoor recreationalists—the performance of a failsafe water purifier for the cost of a basic water filter that keeps hikers safer, for longer and for less money. I am so proud of our engineers for this.”

The WayfarerTM water purifier will be available for pre-sale March 30th at www.iconlifesaver.com  and www.rei.com. For more information on the WayfarerTM and LifeSaver, contact Katie Richter at katie@darbycommunications.com. For all North American distributor inquiries, contact Matt Sproule at matt@eartheasy.com. To learn more about LifeSaver’s collection of personal water purification products, visit iconlifesaver.com.

About LifeSaver

Founded in the UK in 2007, LifeSaver came to life following back-to-back natural disasters: the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Inventor Michael Pritchard felt compelled to address the resulting need for access to clean drinking water. The first LifeSaver prototype was developed in Pritchard’s garage and became the world’s first portable water filter capable of removing the smallest known waterborne viruses. Since that time, LifeSaver has established itself as an effective and long-lasting solution to drinking water issues in the humanitarian and military sectors, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts. www.iconlifesaver.com


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