LIFT23 and Pedigree Ski Shop donate socks to Girl Scout Troop of NYC girls living in homeless shelters

April 18, 2018

(NEW YORK, NY: April 18, 2018) – LIFT23 Corp. is pleased to announce that, in conjunction with its retail partner Pedigree Ski Shop, it donated 300 pairs of socks to Girl Scout Troop 6000, the first troop comprised of girls experiencing homelessness. The LIFT23-Pedigree Ski Shop donation has brought the total number of socks LIFT23 has donated to NYC children to 20,000, just 3000 short of its initial goal to provide socks for each of the 23,000 homeless children in New York City shelters, which inspired it name.

“We believe that every girl and woman deserves the opportunity to reach her fullest potential, regardless of her economic or housing circumstances. We are so grateful for LIFT23’s dedication to serving children experiencing homelessness in New York City,” said Heidi Schmidt, Director of Troop 6000.

Lift23 is a premium performance sock company that donates a pair of socks – one of the most requested and least donated items to homeless shelters – to children in need for every pair of socks it sells. By carrying LIFT23 socks at its innovative stores, Pedigree Ski Shop partners with LIFT23 to help support kids in New York City.

“Our mission is to serve kids in need,” stated LIFT23 Founder and President Ed Del Guercio. “We are grateful for the opportunity to team up with Pedigree Ski Shop to help fulfill that mission.”

“We are delighted to give back to our community by donating socks to this unique girl scout troop right here in the New York Metropolitan area,” said Michael Fuerst, CEO of Pedigree ski Shop.

To learn more about LIFT23 visit www.LIFT23.com or contact ed@lift23.com