Lift23 Donates 30,000 Pairs of Socks

September 17, 2018

Meeting and Surpassing Goal

New York, NY (September 17, 2018) – Lift23 Corp., manufacturers of the world’s most comfortable ski socks, has met its original goal of donating 23,000 pairs of socks to kids in NYC homeless shelters, then the amount of kids in need. Now it’s 24,100. In addition, Lift23 has donated another 7,000 pairs of socks to organizations that serve underprivileged children all over the country.

Upon its founding in 2014, LIFT23’s initial goal was to donate a pair of socks for every pair of ski/snow socks it sells. The socks would be donated to the 23,000 homeless children in New York City shelters (hence the name LIFT23). Socks are one of the most requested and least donated items to homeless shelters. Originally focused on children in New York City shelters, LIFT23 has expanded to partner with key retailers nationwide to increase sock donations in more cities.

“We deeply thank all of our retailers and their incredible sales staffs for recommending LIFT23 socks and telling our story,” said Del Guerico. reflecting on the ups and downs of the past 4 years. “We painstakingly created the best product out there, while staying true to our mission, and it’s been difficult. With limited marketing funds and lack of pro athlete or celebrity ambassador, scaling the business has been a challenge and I may have relied a little too much on Karma.”

Looking to the future, Del Guerico continued, “but we’ve learned from our mistakes, ironed out our supply chain and figured out where to focus our time. I’m excited for the coming years!”

“Every year Ed makes our children happy with the wonderful donation he brings.  We are so grateful to him and the LIFT23 staff who are commitment to providing warm socks for our children in our programs. Once again thank you!!” – Ana Sanchez Executive Director
HELP Bronx Crotona & Crotona II

“Receiving new socks for the first day of school brought smiles to the kids’ faces. We are so grateful for LIFT23’s dedication to serving homeless children in New York City,” said Stacy Ann Rose-Telford, Executive Director at WINNYC, Powers Family Residence.

“Thank you for caring,” said Lance W. Elder, President and CEO at EAC Network. “Through your commitment to children in need you have made a difference in the lives of so many people in our community. Thank you for your kindness.”

Lift23 website: lift23.com
Lift23 Facebook: facebook.com/lift23sock
Lift23 Instagram: uplift23
Lift23 indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lift-23 – /story

ABOUT Lift23

Lift23 is a premium athleisure sock company that is committed to a social mission. Our socks are crafted using the perfect combination of the finest, and most advanced fibers and materials to enable elite performance for any athletic activity or just every day comfort. Visit Lift23.com for more information.


Alli Noland
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