LIVSN Rolls Out Secondhand Marketplace

July 24, 2023

New Peer-to-Peer Platform Aims to Keep Used LIVSN Products in Circulation and Offer Easy Access to Repaired, Visibly Mended Items

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – July 24, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – LIVSN Designs, an outdoor apparel company that believes what we own should be purposeful and in service of what we do, today introduces its Well Worn Gear Secondhand Marketplace, the brand’s latest initiative to keep every piece of LIVSN gear in rotation and out of the landfill.

The new platform gives customers easy access to sell their used LIVSN items and also purchase LIVSN items from other sellers. Sellers can opt for LIVSN marketplace credit or cash.

“We’re excited to be launching the Well Worn Gear secondhand marketplace, which is ultimately about doing everything we can to keep our products in circulation and out of the landfill, and it also provides an easy way for us to make our repaired products available to a broader group of customers. It’s only been open for a few days and the initial response has been a great success,” said Kelsey Ferguson, Marketing Director at LIVSN. “We’re extremely proud of our repair program and of the work we’ve done to keep our products in rotation, and we know there are more and more people who are actively looking for secondhand and visibly mended apparel.”

Since day one, easy access to repairs and a focus on textile circularity have been foundational to LIVSN, and its Repair Program was designed to prolong a garment’s lifecycle and return something just as good – or better – than what the customer sent in for repair. There are several options for darning, including “loud” or “subtle” visible mending, the simple act of making clothing repairs with thread or fabric that sticks out to highlight the mend vs. working to hide the repair. Learn more about LIVSN’s visible mending program.

For repairs, LIVSN works with Arkansas non-profit Interform, focused on art, fashion and community.

Visit the Well Worn Gear Marketplace: https://livsn.treet.co/about/info

About LIVSN Designs:

LIVSN is an outdoor brand focused on making versatile apparel designed to last longer. LIVSN combines technical features and durable construction with modern styling to create lasting clothing that facilitates a life of adventure. Replace throwaway items with well-designed pieces to remove clutter and create space for living. Keep what matters. https://www.livsndesigns.com.

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