Madshus Integrates IntelliGrip® Skin Technology into 2016 Ski Models

December 17, 2015

Seattle, Wash. (December 17, 2015) – Madshus, the world’s leading performance Nordic ski company, has expanded its IntelliGrip® skin program to include an integrated base solution in a variety of new ski models for a more hands-off classic skiing experience. First introduced on the Terrasonic Classic IntelliGrip® model for 2015, the IntelliGrip® base will now be available on Race, Race Performance, and Classic Performance models within Madshus’ 2016 ski line.

The goal behind the integrated IntelliGrip® Base is to deliver a product that appeals to a wide range of users, from newcomers to professional Nordic racers looking to expand their quivers with the latest in waxless technology.

Fully merging the progressive-profiled IntelliGrip® skin into the base underfoot gives the mohair/nylon blended skin optimal grip and glide in all conditions. It’s what Madshus describes as a “Simply Skiing!” solution that will keep users skiing for longer, while removing the guesswork out of ski prep.

Key features include:
·       Confident traction in all snow conditions
·       Prevention of ice formulating in the kick zone
·       Better glide than normal waxless skis
·       Easily replaceable skins via hot melted glue application

Available on the following models:
·       Nanosonic Carbon Classic IntelliGrip® ($655.00)
·       Terrasonic Classic IntelliGrip® ($370.00)
·       Ultrasonic IntelliGrip® ($270.00)
·       Brikebeiner Carbon Classic IntelliGrip® ($340.00)

Madshus is proud to incorporate technology into their products that raises the performance bar and improves the skiing experience for its ever-expanding global consumer base. The full IntelliGrip® line will be available to view at the upcoming 2016 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market trade show and SIA Nordic Demo, and will be available for purchase at select retail locations in the fall of 2016. For more information about Madshus and it’s latest news and product line,

About Madshus
The world’s oldest ski brand, Madshus’ Norwegian heritage dates back to 1906. From the original woodworking craftsmanship of its founder, to today’s state of the art production processes and materials, Madshus is the standard to which all other Nordic skis are held. Whether for World Cup level racing, fitness skiing, cruising, metal-edge touring, or cross-country downhill, Madshus continues to apply that same keen craftsman’s eye to each ski, boot, and pole it produces. Over 100 years since it’s founding, Madshus’ storied commitment to the art and craft of ski making resonates today in the same consistent standard of excellence all performance Madshus skiers have come to expect. Madshus is a member of the K2 Sports family of world-leading winter sports and outdoor recreational brands.

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