Mazama Announces New Hydration Reservoir line for Spring 2021

January 20, 2021

New INTAKE™ reservoirs streamline Hands-Free Hydration

Bend, Ore.– January 20, 2021 – Mazama Designs, an outdoor -products development company located in Bend, Oregon, recently announced the release of INTAKE™, their newest line of easy-to-use hydration reservoirs, along with an expansive line of accessories for Spring 2021.  Mazama is introducing INTAKE at this year’s Winter Outdoor Retailer tradeshow. Set for release in early March, INTAKE offers active outdoor enthusiasts convenient filling and quicker drying in a universal-fit shape and using the same taste-free film featured in all Mazama hydration systems.

Mazama set out to address two common deficiencies of current reservoirs:  ease-of-fill up and reservoir drying.  Other top-fill reservoirs tend to close-up on themselves, requiring extra manipulation during fill-up.  After rigorous development, Mazama is proud to introduce the innovative INTAKE, featuring a unique expandable top opening that combines with an internal spring baffle to keep the bladder in an open position during filling.  This same technology allows the reservoir to dry-out more thoroughly, discouraging bacteria growth.

“We dove deep into the challenge of developing a better integrated, more functional reservoir and INTAKE stood out as the most complete solution,” explained Matt Hoskins, Mazama’s founder.  “We were able to build spring bias into existing features to achieve our goals of easier fill-up and drying without adding extra weight or complexity.”

Along with the self-expansion technology, INTAKE offers a thoughtful combination of features to make hydration efficient and reliable.  The fold and lock closure ensures positive sealing in a slim and lightweight configuration.

The drink tube connection is quick and easy with the integrated mid-line quick connect.  The full-length handle helps with filling, packing, and loading, and keeps the reservoir upright in a pack. This low-profile replacement reservoir is shaped to ride stably and comfortably in a wide variety of packs.  High-flow tubing and the proprietary GYZR™ bite valve allow streaming flow and efficient drink tube drying.  A no-slide magnet built into the bite valve body ensures secure valve tethering to a pack using Mazama’s auto-locate retainer.

“With the new INTAKE, Mazama took the opportunity to incorporate several reservoir improvements we’ve identified over the years to create a more cohesive offering,” said Hoskins. “We started with an efficient reservoir profile that would fit into a wide range of pack types and sizes. The tapered shape distributes weight towards the base of the reservoir, closer to the wearer’s center-of-gravity.  The full-length handle aids filling, houses the drink tube, ensures the bladder stays upright in a pack, and keeps the reservoir relatively flat.  The drink tube and mid-line quick connector are integrated right into the handle for convenient drink tube handling and connectivity.”

INTAKE Reservoirs are available in 4 different models:  3 L with full-length handle (MSRP $33.99), 2 L with full-length handle (MSRP $31.99), 2 L with short handle (MSRP $27.99), and a soon to follow, Intake Insulated 2 L (MSRP $37.99).   All products are BPA and PVC free, with a lifetime guarantee. The patent-pending reservoirs are made with high-quality, USA-sourced film that is taste-free and anti-microbial.

Shoppers will be able to purchase INTAKE on the company’s website, as well as Amazon.com, beginning in March. Preview the new INTAKE reservoir at: https://mazamadesigns.com/pages/intake-reservoir-features.  For more information on Mazama Designs, please visit www.MazamaDesigns.com. For wholesale inquiries reach out to: matt@mazamadesigns.com


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Mazama Designs, LLC is an outdoor-products development company located in trail happy Bend, Oregon. For outdoor enthusiasts who need hands-free hydration on the trail, Mazama is the hydration solutions brand that makes active hydration effortless so that people can enjoy their outdoor moments to the fullest.  With testing grounds, just out-the-backdoor, Mazama designs its products from the ground up to make it easy and efficient to hydrate on the move. We take care of the details, so you don’t have to.