Meet Fenix’s Newest Tactical Flashlight: The TK11 TAC

August 24, 2020

Fenix® is proud to introduce its latest high-powered tactical flashlight. This purely tactical light was built with a number of high-performance features that can be used in any setting from police work to security. Built with an ultra-bright 1600 lumen throw that can reach incredible distances, the TK11 TAC outshines other flashlights on the market. Designed with a tactical professional in mind, the TK11 has a number of features designed precisely for quick function in high pressure situations.

Fenix Lighting is always striving to provide our military/law enforcement customers with the best lighting devices and the TK11 TAC does not disappoint. The TK11 TAC has a bright 1600 lumen throw that can reach a maximum distance of 1099ft (335m). At only 5.51” in length, easily carry the TK11 on the job or store it in your pocket or on your belt. The TK11 is even rated IP68 waterproof and dustproof so you can count on this reliable flashlight to provide you light regardless of the weather conditions.

Unlike other flashlights on the market, the TK11 was built with not one, but two operating modes that were created specifically for law enforcement and security personnel. Either use the Tactical Mode for high stake, intense situations, or the Duty Mode for more everyday, on-the-job lighting demands. The unique build of the TK11 features an easily accessible toggle tail switch that allows users to quickly cycle between both lighting modes.

To learn even more about Fenix’s newly released TK11 TAC tactical flashlight, visit https://www.fenixlighting.com/product/fenix-tk11-tac-tactical-flashlight/

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