Meet the Fenix LD30R – A Pocket-Sized Light With 750 Hours of Runtime

October 23, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Continuing its launch of feature-packed, easy to use lights, Fenix has announced the release of the Fenix LD30R. Weighing only 4.66 oz. (132g) including battery, this everyday carry flashlight can throw a maximum of 1700 lumens across a distance of 843 ft (257 m). Equally impressive is this rechargeable light’s maximum runtime of 720 hours on Moonlight mode.

Its remarkable performance doesn’t stop at illumination and runtime. The LD30R EDC flashlight comes with a two-way body clip that makes it a perfect hands-free lighting tool you can always carry on you or attach to a backpack, purse, or lanyard.

USB Type-C rechargeable, this newest flashlight from Fenix also comes with a battery level indicator. Equipped with seven lighting modes, including SOS and Strobe, this EDC flashlight will prove to be useful in all outdoor situations.

An IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating combined with an intelligent overheat protection feature that protects against high surface temperatures and an all-metal lightweight body round out this pocket-sized powerhouse’s features.

About Fenix Lighting  

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