Meet the New HM65R-DT – Fenix’s Newest Headlamp With Dual Spotlights

June 8, 2023

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Continuing to elevate headlamp performance, Fenix Lighting has just launched the HM65R-DT, an upgrade to the best-selling HM65R headlamp. The new light features dual spotlights for exceptional visibility and versatility during outdoor activities.

The HM65R-DT’s cool white spotlight provides long-range illumination, and the warm 3000K spotlight light enables users to navigate foggy and inclement weather confidently. Both lighting modes can also be activated simultaneously for a maximum of 1500 lumens.

This latest rechargeable headlamp from Fenix maintains its lightweight design, weighing 3.21 oz. (91g). The light’s also constructed from magnesium alloy, making it 30% lighter than similar aluminum headlamps. In addition, its tilting mechanism enables users to direct the beam precisely where needed.

The wide, perforated headband provides breathability for prolonged wear and stability for all types of terrains. A long runtime of 24 hours on Low allows you to use this headlamp for extended periods. An IP68 rating and its impact resistant build round out the HM65R-DT’s exceptional features.

About Fenix Lighting

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