Meet the Newest Fenix Product: The E01 V2.0 AAA Flashlight

August 4, 2020

Fenix Lighting’s newest E01 V2.0 AAA flashlight is officially out! This high performing AAA flashlight is equipped to handle all of your day to day lighting needs. Built with an impressively high lumen throw despite it’s smaller build, keep the E01 V2.0 on hand at all times for easily accessible lighting. Proving to be another reliable EDC Fenix flashlight, the E01 V2.0 will become your favorite AAA flashlight.

The E01 V2.0 has a surprising 100-lumen throw using only one single AAA battery and can reach up to 115 feet (35 meters). The perfect pocket-sized light, the E01 V2.0 is only 2.62” so you can stash it just about anywhere. Keep it in your bag or pocket and have light in an instant. Additionally, this light has extremely fast on/off operation via the rotary switch. Easily cycle through its 3 lighting modes with a quick twist of the head. Rated IP68 with an all-metal build, the E01 V2.0 won’t be affected by even the most intense day to day tasks. With an impact resistance of up to 1 meter, handle the E01 V2.0 with ease knowing this light can handle all of your daily activities.

Run out of power? The E01 V2.0 is powered by only one AAA battery so you can easily find more batteries at any local convenience store and oftentimes, even around your own home. Enjoy this light for an incredibly long time of 25 hours using low mode from just a single battery.

To learn even more about the newly released Fenix E01 V2.0 AAA flashlight visit https://www.fenixlighting.com/product/fenix-e01-v2-aaa-flashlight/

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