Mizu Launches Innovative Water Bottle Filtration System

September 7, 2018

The World is Your Fountain with Mizu 360

Carlsbad, California, September 7th, 2018 – Today, Mizu announced the arrival of a new water filtration system that works with their existing water bottles – the next evolution in the company’s already comprehensive reusable product line. The system features a flip up straw lid where the straw can be unscrewed and replaced with a water filter or even a water purifier.

“Water quality is becoming a big concern for valid reasons and what makes our product unique is the simplicity and versatility – Mizu 360 isn’t a filtration device that you’ll use only when you need to filter or purify water, it’s a family of products that allow our wide mouth bottles to become what you need them to be with very little effort”, said Mizu’s CEO Tim Pogue.

He went on to say, “Instead of buying a bottle you’ll use for drinking water and another product for filtering water, consumers can now convert their Mizu into a bottle with a filter, or for virus protection, a bottle with a purifier, or they can just use the straw for filtered water.”

The system features an innovative new lid that allows the user to easily change from a straw with no filter to a filter or purifier in a matter of seconds. Mizu sells the system in individual pieces or in kits that include a bottle, the straw lid and a filter. Add an Adventure Purifier and consumers have no need to buy a single-use plastic bottle ever again. Mizu 360 covers the gamut from daily use, to traveling, or your wildest adventures far off the beaten path.

Mizu filters and purifiers incorporate nano-technology that was originally developed for NASA and have been tested and approved by a 3rd party testing facility that is accredited by the Department of Health and registered with the EPA Laboratory Compendium.

About Mizu:
Attitudes are changing. Single use is out, and reusable is in. From outdoor adventures to everyday life, from the moment you rise and get your coffee to the last sip of water you have before you go to bed; there are endless opportunities each day to choose reusable over single use. Founded, owned and operated by outdoor athletes and adventurers, Mizu makes premium reusable products that last a lifetime to help take advantage of these opportunities.

Mizu can be found in the hands of people who squeeze every ounce of fun out of life and share a passion for protecting the oceans, mountains and cities we play in. From water bottles to cutlery, from insulated to single wall – from the coffee shop to the beach, from driving to work or hiking for first tracks, when it comes to going reusable with performance and style, Mizu always has your back.

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