MODe Sponsored Team Eat Well Wins RAAM Two-Person Category

June 28, 2019

Record Setting Pace Beats Most Four and Eight-Person Teams

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Winning the 2019 Race Across America’s two-person category, Team Eat Well not only set a new world record in their category but beat most four and eight-person teams in the process. Powered by MODe’s line of plant-based sports nutrition products, the French duo of Evens Stievenart and Jean-Luc Perez crossed the continent in six days, ten hours and 39 minutes averaging just under twenty miles per hour (19.85). The annual race started in Oceanside, CA on June 16th and covered 3,070 miles crossing the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains and finally finishing in Annapolis, MD.

Evens and Perez burned each a staggering 10,000 calories/day over the multi-day race and used MODe Energy Bars, Electrolyte Hydration and Power Protein to fuel their efforts. “Fueling the entire race with plant-based sports nutrition has been key in this 6+ day, non-stop effort with little rest and time to eat and digest!,” says Stievenart. “Compared to synthetic options the body recognizes these products as food. We had no upset stomachs and felt great. The result speaks for itself!,” adds Perez. Over the course of the race they each consumed more than 40 energy bars to help fuel with real food, two full pouches of the Electrolyte Hydration Mix to replenish vital minerals lost during their all day and night effort and two pouches of protein powder giving the muscle tissue much needed support.

“Winning, let alone setting a world record, in a race such as RAAM obviously depends on many factors. But nutrition plays an important role. When you feel strong and good over the full duration of the race you set a great foundation to perform at your personal best,” says Tammo Walter, CEO and Co-Founder of MODe.

Look for Stievenart to break more records at the 24 hours of Les Mans in France this August and Perez at the 6-12-24 hours world championships in Borrego Springs this November – all powered by MODe plant-based sports nutrition.

ACTIVATE MAX PERFORMANCE & HEALTH – ​MODe Plant-Based Sports Nutrition products are all-natural and only use whole foods, other natural ingredients and natural performance extracts at dosages that have been scientifically tested to reliably deliver results. All products are non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan and compliant with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines.

For more info on MODe’s line of product visit: https://myfitmode.com/ or contact JJ directly: jj@myfitmode.com