MODe Sports Nutrition offers four “kick-butt” flavors of new hydration singles

January 31, 2019

Costa Mesa, C.A. – MODe Sports Nutrition has aimed to please customer on-the-go convenience and offer all four of its clean, natural electrolyte hydration products in single-serve stick packs. The original packing of the product, which is still available, comes in a pouch size of 30 servings/scoops. The four flavors available are: Pineapple, Lemonade, Green Apple, and Raspberry.

“Our natural, electrolyte mix strives to stand out as some of the best hydration supplement products on the market due to its high-purity formula for replacing key minerals lost from sweat.”

“Magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium make up a complete mineral profile in the correct ratios your body needs to achieve optimal fluid balance. Many electrolyte products are packed with sodium and often do not contain all the minerals or levels that are sufficient,” said Director of Sales, JJ Rudman.

The natural electrolyte hydration mix is clean, natural, Non-GMO, and contains no fillers, artificial sweeteners, or chemicals. 1 serving mixes with 16 ounces of water. Additionally, the electrolyte hydration contains betaine, which comes from the source of sugar beets to aid with metabolizing carbs and protein during workouts for efficient energy expenditure.

MSRP for Single-Serve (16 sticks): $29.99

MSR for Pouch (30 servings): $34.99

For more info visit: https://myfitmode.com/