Mountain Equipment Revamps Entire Sleeping Bag Collection for 2017

February 15, 2017

Pickering, ON (February 15, 2017) – Mountain Equipment, designer and manufacturer of outdoor apparel and accessories, has completely redesigned its sleeping bag collection to reflect technical innovations in down insulation, optimized construction design and new fabric technology. The new sleeping bag collection will be available at retailers in North America starting April 2017.

“Mountain Equipment’s new sleeping bags are a result of considerable scientific research, lab testing and computer models combined with extensive field testing in some of the world’s most challenging conditions,” says Matt Fuller, Mountain Equipment’s Product Engineer who holds a PhD from The University of Leeds in the use of down. “Our sleeping bags have evolved to reflect the changing trends in the outdoors and are more user and environment focused than ever before.”

If not used effectively, even the most exceptional down can be rendered useless. Mountain Equipment’s product engineers have invested significant time in optimizing the down density in each bag and in each baffle. Each bag is constructed in a way that achieves thermal performance, compression resistance, migration control, comfort and longevity. Mountain Equipment uses a combination of baffle structures ranging from Trapezoid Baffles, to vertically aligned V-Baffles, to Slanted Box-Wall Baffles that optimize and maintain loft to insulate to its fullest potential.

Mountain Equipment also realizes that the first line of defense for a sleeping bag is the fabric, so several fabric technologies including GORE ThermiumTM, Mountain Equipment’s DRILITE® LOFT water-resistant fabrics, as well as PlasmaTM lightweight fabrics, are used, depending on the end use.

Other sleeping bag features that are unique to Mountain Equipment’s new collection include:

  • EXL® elasticised stitching in the baffles is a patented technology developed to minimize dead air space around the body. It pulls fabric closer to the body and away from the down, allowing it to loft without adding weight.
  • Down Control Hoods feature 5 or 7 separate baffles to make them more anatomically shaped, lighter, more thermally efficient, and easier to adjust.
  • Lode-LockTM closure system reduces heat loss with interlocking full length zip baffles and collars with an auto-locating magnetic fastener instead of a traditional snap for one handed quick release and better heat efficiency.
  • Trapezium 4 and Trapezuim 6 foot boxes offer 4 or 6 baffles within the footbox construction that reduces seam lines in the foot box, where heat is often needed most, and reduces overall weight by 20% compared to a traditional footbox.  The patented BullseyeTM and Sharks ToeTM design restricts down migration and offers a comfortable fit around the foot.

Mountain Equipment has also made a genuine commitment to using ethically sourced down in its sleeping bag collection. In 2009 Mountain Equipment became one of the first outdoor brands to introduce independent auditing for its down supply chain. Today, every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag contains a unique code that can be entered into the DOWNCODEX website to trace the down that is used in that specific bag. Consumers can not only identify the source of the down, but also view the audit and test results relating to that batch.

Mountain Equipment’s 2017 sleeping bag collection has five series to accommodate a wide variety of outdoor athletes and enthusiasts.


Engineered to withstand extreme cold in the most hostile environments on Earth.  These bags are built specifically for the needs of explorers and mountaineers.

Styles: Redline, Iceline, Snowline
Fill: 90-10 800+ Fill Power Goose Down
Shell: GORE® ThermiumTM (38g, 10D Nylon)
Lining: UltrasoftTM 20 (36g, 20D Nylon),

GORE ThermuimTM (38g, 10D Nylon)
Baffle type: Vertical V-Baffles, 14:7 Trapezoid Baffles and side V-Baffles
EXL: Lower body only
Foot Box: Trapezium 6 Baffle, BullseyeTM, Sharks ToeTM
Hood: Down Control 7 baffle

Fill weight: 1282g/45oz
Carry weight: 70oz
$840 (reg); $865 (long)
Fill weight: 994g/35ozCarry weight: 58oz
$760 (reg); $785 (long)
Fill weight: 831g/29oz
Carry weight: 53oz
$715 (reg); $740 (long)


These lightweight protective bags provide confidence for self-supported trips in remote locations.

Styles: Kyros, Xeros
Fill: 90-10 800+ Fill Power Goose Down
Shell: DRILITE Xero (28g, 10D Nylon)
Lining: UltrasoftTM 20 (36g, 20D Nylon),

DRILITE Xero (28g, 10D Nylon)
Baffle type: 14:7 Trapezoid Baffles, side V-Baffle
EXL: Main body only
Foot Box: Trapezium 6 Baffle, BullseyeTM, Sharks ToeTM
Hood: Down Control 7 baffle

Fill weight: 743g/26oz
Carry weight: 43oz
$540 (reg); $550 (long)
Fill weight: 605g/21oz
Carry weight: 38oz
$500 (reg); $515 (long)

The lightest, most efficient bags developed for alpinists, ultra-distance backpackers and mountain athletes. Bags in this collection are under 2lbs.

Styles: Fireflash, Firelight, Firefly
Fill: 90-10 800+ Fill Power Goose Down
Shell: PlasmaTM (26g, 10D Nylon)
Lining: PlasmaTM (26g, 10D Nylon)
Baffle type: Slanted Box-Wall Baffles
EXL: Main body only
Foot Box: Trapezium 4 Baffle, BullseyeTM, Sharks ToeTM
Hood: Down Control 7 baffle

Fill weight: 650g/23oz
Carry weight: 35oz
$485 (reg); $510 (long)
Fill weight: 496g/17oz
Carry weight: 27oz
$440 (reg); $450 (long)
Fill weight: 274g/10oz
Carry weight: 20oz
$385 (reg); $400 (long)


For climbers and backpackers, these bags offer true all-around performance and protection for unreliable conditions.

Styles: Glacier Expedition, Glacier 1000, Glacier 1000 Women’s, Glacier 700, Glacier
700 Women’s, Glacier 450, GLacier 450 Women’s
Fill: 90-10 700+ Fill Power Duck Down
Shell: DRILITE LOFT II (55g, 30D Nylon)
Lining: SupersoftTM 30 (49g, 30D Nylon)
Baffle type: 15:11 Trapezoid Baffles, Slanted Box-Wall Baffles
EXL: none
Foot Box: Trapezium 6 Baffle, BullseyeTM, Sharks ToeTM
Hood: Down Control 5 baffle

Glacier Expedition
Fill weight: 1352g/48oz
Carry weight: 71oz
$435 (reg) $450 (long)
Glacier 1000
Fill weight: 996g/35oz
Carry weight: 56oz
$380 (reg); $395 (long)
Glacier 1000 Women’s
Fill weight: 948g/33oz
Carry weight: 54oz
$380 (reg); $395 (long)
Glacier 700
Fill weight: 699g/25oz
Carry weight: 44oz
$330 (reg); $345 (long)
Glacier 700 Women’s
Fill weight: 665g/23oz
Carry weight: 40oz
$330 (reg); $345 (long)
Glacier 450
Fill weight: 450g/16oz
Carry weight: 35oz
$300 (reg); $315 (long)
Glacier 450 Women’s
Fill weight: 433g/15oz
Carry weight: 33oz
$300 (reg); $315 (long)


For backpackers, cycle-tourers and trekkers, these bags are efficiently sized, comfortable and lightweight. Whether it’s a road trip or an extended trek, Helium bags offer all around performance and is destined to be Mountain Equipment’s best selling series.

Styles: Helium 800/800 Women’s, Helium 600/600 Women’s, Helium
400/400 Women’s, Helium 250/250 Women’s, Helium Solo, Helium Quilt
Fill: 90-10 700+ Fill Power Duck Down
Shell: HELIUMTM 20 (34g, 20D Nylon)
Lining: SupersoftTM 30 (49g, 30D Nylon)
Baffle type: Slanted Box-Wall Baffles
EXL: none
Foot Box: Trapezium 4 Baffle, BullseyeTM, Sharks ToeTM
Hood: Down Control 5 baffle

Helium 800
Fill weight: 766g/27oz
Carry weight: 44oz
$285 (reg) $300 (long)
Helium 800 Women’s
Fill weight: 728g/26oz
Carry weight: 43oz
$285 (reg); $300 (long)
Helium 600
Fill weight: 582g/21oz
Carry weight: 38oz
$265 (reg); $275 (long)
Helium 600 Women’s
Fill weight: 555g/20oz
Carry weight: 37oz
$265 (reg) $275 (long)
Helium 400
Fill weight: 385g/14oz
Carry weight: 30oz
$240 (reg); $250 (long)
Helium 400 Women’s
Fill weight: 367g/13oz
Carry weight: 30oz
$240 (reg); $250 (long)
Helium 250
Fill weight: 254g/9oz
Carry weight: 25oz
$220 (reg) $230 (long)
Helium 250 Women’s
Fill weight: 243g/9oz
Carry weight: 24oz
$220 (reg); $230 (long)
Helium Solo
Fill weight: 129g/5oz
Carry weight: 15oz
$155 (reg); $165 (long)

About Mountain Equipment:

Mountain Equipment has been creating some of the finest mountain clothing and equipment in the world since 1961. The North American office opened in 2011 and is now part of Outdoor & Sports Company, Inc. specializing in designing and marketing technical outdoor clothing and equipment, including GORE-TEX® and down insulated outerwear and a full range of sleeping bags.

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