Mountainsmith Unveils New Adventure Photography Packs

January 22, 2018

Designed in Collaboration with World-Renowned Photographers Andy Mann & Keith Ladzinski

Golden, CO (Jan 22, 2018) – Mountainsmith—craftsmen of iconic backcountry equipment and recreational outdoor gear—will debut their latest series of adventure photography packs at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market this week in Denver, CO. These packs were designed in collaboration with world-renowned adventure photographers Andy Mann and Keith Ladzinski, and will be available to consumers nation wide in spring 2018.

The new camera pack line is composed of 6 separate products designed to protect and organize your camera equipment in the most extreme conditions. Photographers Andy Mann and Keith Ladzinski have developed a close relationship with Mountainsmith over the years, testing products and offering key input that has fueled the design process for multiple projects.

“Despite their world-class photography credentials, at the end of the day Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann remain our friends and colleagues first and foremost,” says Mountainsmith Lead Designer Luke Boldman. “We’re not so much working for a client, but working amongst honorary members of the Mountainsmith team. As designers, we know their requirements for rugged gear and we understand the harshness of the environments where they like to push the boundaries on their photography and video skills. As camera and video equipment has changed over the years, so too have Keith and Andy’s shooting styles and the Mountainsmith field gear necessary to keep them on point. Having a deep relationship with these two photographers allows us to keep our product development flow nimble and expedient.”

Product Details:

Mountainsmith Borealis | MSRP: $229.95

Built for rugged outdoor photo adventures, the Borealis combines the protection and organization of a camera bag with the comfort and efficiency of a technical backpack.  On the trails, slopes, and far off lands, it offers the best of both worlds for any camera intensive pursuit.

Mountainsmith Spectrum | MSRP: $149.95

Designed for urban and travel adventures, the Spectrum easily accommodates your photo necessities, laptop, media devices, and personal gear for more efficient and more organized carry on your next photo endeavor.

Mountainsmith Descent | MSRP: $119.95

From climbs to day hikes to on-the-go adventures, the Descent is ideal for quick access. With shoulder sling carry, this camera pack keeps your DSLR poised to capture the shot and then quickly swings out of the way as you hustle on.

Mountainsmith Descent Small | MSRP: $89.95

Building off of the Descent, the Descent Small offers an even lighter, more condensed solution for quick camera adventures in the field. The shoulder sling carry keeps your DSLR ready for action and easily swings out of the way for outdoor pursuits where efficiency is paramount.

Mountainsmith Swift FX | MSRP: $89.95

The Swift FX blends the functionality and ergonomic carry of our lumbar styles with the proven protection of a camera pack.  Ideal for the trail or travel adventures; the Swift FX is a unique camera carry solution for photographers of every level.

Mountainsmith Boarding Pass | MSRP: $279.95

This FAA carry-on sized roller comes equipped with dual TSA locks and a removable, padded, interior daypack to organize camera gear for on-the-go versatility.

“I am a lucky man, by all accounts. Not only have I been blessed with the opportunity to travel and document the world, but I’ve been able to create what I think are the perfect camera bags with Mountainsmith,” says Andy Mann. “Countless hours and years of design meetings, bioengineering (no, not that!) and testing on all 7 continents has finally come full circle. I’m beyond excited to share this new line of Mountainsmith bags with other photographers. This project has been my baby (Sure I’m obsessed with good design and functionality), so let’s let it loose! Enjoy!”

These products will be on display at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, January 25th-28th. If you will be at the show, feel free to stop by Mountainsmith’s booth (# 44080-UL) and check them out. For more information on Mountainsmith, please visit www.mountainsmith.com.

About Mountainsmith

Headquartered at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, CO for 35 years, Mountainsmith is committed to creating durable provisions for every aspect of your adventure, on and off the trail.  Beginning with iconic lumbar packs in 1979, Mountainsmith products carry an emphasis on utility for those who prefer life outdoors.  Whether that is a solution for the backcountry, the gear closet, the office, the photo shoot, or even the dog; the brand offers tools that serve a purpose and stand the test of time.  Dedicated in its mission to improve the lives of fellow outdoors enthusiasts, Mountainsmith manufactures products that are… forged for life.  Visit www.mountainsmith.com to learn more.

About Keith Ladzinski

Born in New York, raised in Colorado, Keith’s love of photography started after buying a beat up camera from a pawnshop. His early subjects mirrored his polarized passions, skateboarding in the city and exploring the quiet mountains of Colorado. One, built around an immersed subculture, skating from concrete place to place with friends, trespassing, shooting photos in the dead of night with rushed artificial light setups and running from security guards. The other, alpine starts in the mountains, long approaches alone to quite places patiently hunting for natural light and thoughtful composition. It was an unintentional education in two styles of photography and it wasn’t long before the two merged, initially into his love for rock climbing. It was here that Keith grinded it out, forging his roots in extreme sports, slowly becoming one of the most sought after photographers in the outdoor world.

Today, Keith’s work primarily focuses on natural history, extreme sports and advertising, sending him to the furthest reaches of the 7 continents on assignment for a range of clients like National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, Nikon, Red Bull, Adidas and Budweiser.

In 2011 Keith began working as a director and director of photography and has made films, advertising and television content on all 7 seven continents for clients including National Geographic TV, Discovery, Oprah, The Weather Channel, ABC and Red Bull TV.

About Andy Mann

For over a decade Andy Mann has been a forerunner in the world of adventure film and ocean conservation photography.  He is an experienced climber, diver, and arctic explorer whose imagery is helping tell the story of our rapidly changing planet, documenting expeditions on all 7 continents for National Geographic Magazine, Sea Legacy, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, Wildlife Conservation Society and more. His imagery is remarkably memorable, reminding us how the emotion of an image can touch our spirit. Andy is the co-founder and director at 3 Strings Productions, the commercial and documentary film studio in Boulder, CO and a founding member of the Sea Legacy Collective. As a Mountainsmith ambassador, he has been torturing our packs since 2007. In 2014, Andy collaborated with our design team to create a series of bags built as tough and extreme as the terrain. After years of testing around the world, we are excited to introduce the newly revamped series of tougher, more efficient camera packs.