Movemint Launches Zapier API Integration to Streamline Events for Organizers

June 5, 2024

Movemint, a modern and easy-to-use event registration platform, today announced integration with Zapier to streamline events for organizers. Organizers can integrate participant data with outside tools like Klaviyo, Google Sheets, Quickbooks, and more. Now in beta.


Streamlined event management

Event organizers of all types share a common goal: Create a wonderful experience for their participants, driving increased registrations, donations, and overall enthusiasm for their events.

To accomplish this, many organizers use multiple systems for participant management, email marketing, accounting, and more. Zapier is a tool that syncs information between Movemint and these tools automatically rather than manually, automating repetitive tasks for organizers. Organizers using Movemint can now use Zapier to integrate participant data with their existing tools like Klaviyo, Google Sheets, and Quickbooks.

Integration and scale – these are things we know well,” says Movemint CEO and Co-Founder Zack Isaacs. Zack was Strava’ first API hire and built partnerships with Garmin, Wahoo, Peloton, and Zwift to place Strava at the center of connected fitness. “With this integration, Movemint enables organizers to scale in a way that’s efficient and logical for them.”

More registrations and donations

Movemint, free for organizers, is already the clear choice for innovative events, supporting the Tracksmith Twilight 5000 global series and Golden Trail World Series Headlands 27k, among others.

Movemint’s modern platform, beautifully designed event pages, and easy checkout flows help increase registrations and donations. The registration flow is optimized for mobile and easy for everyone. Participants don’t need a Movemint account to register and they can use any payment method, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Organizers can also add photos, videos, social links, sponsors, custom registration questions, donation goals, and more. The platform pays event organizers daily to eliminate setup costs. Timers can easily integrate participant data, scoring, and results. Large organizers can utilize advanced features like custom styling.

Organizers have seen early success with 3.5x donations per registration compared to other leading platforms.

Movemint is Built by Athletes for Athletes

Movemint is the platform for athletic events. At Movemint, your event is not just another event. Movemint empowers organizers to host amazing events and athletes to make every effort count. We’re a group of passionate endurance athletes. We were tired of using clunky registration tools that failed to capture the energy of race day. So we decided to build Movemint and are excited to share it with you.

If you’re an event organizer looking to streamline your operations and attract more participants, reach out to learn more.


Sam O’Keefe

Head of Partnerships


For more information about Movemint, visit movemint.cc