MSR Introduces Fuel Canister Recycling Program

January 17, 2018

New program rewards customers who recycle canisters at MSR’s Seattle Repair Shop

SEATTLE, Wash. (January 17, 2018) — Seattle-based Mountain Safety Research® (MSR®) has launched a new fuel canister recycling program aimed to reduce the number of canisters that end up in landfills. Customers who return empty fuel canisters, made by any outdoor brand, to MSR’s Seattle Repair Shop will receive 20 percent off of an MSR fuel canister purchase.

“We have been working to educate customers on how to safely and properly recycle fuel canisters for decades,” said Iris Diligencia, lead repair technician, MSR Repair Shop. “This recycling initiative creates an easy option solution for our customers and furthers our efforts to reduce landfill waste.” she added.

Empty fuel canisters can be delivered in person to MSR’s Seattle Repair Shop located at 130 South Dakota Street, Seattle, WA 98134. For the sake of safety and compliance with federal shipping regulations, the company cannot accept canisters delivered by mail. Customers who are unable to visit MSR’s Seattle Repair Shop should follow the company’s guidelines on how to make their fuel canister recyclable at home. These directions can be found online at: http://www.thesummitregister.com/recycling-isopro-canisters/

The new service is an additional component of the company’s longstanding and robust repairs program that has repaired tens of thousands of MSR products. “We’re obsessed with creating exceptionally durable and easily repaired gear,” Diligencia said. “If our customers’ stoves, snowshoes, and other products live a long and useful life, we ensure that gear continues on adventures and away from landfills.”

About MSR® (Mountain Safety Research®)

Seattle-based MSR has been engineering standard-setting high-performance outdoor equipment since 1969. A commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures customers are outfitted with the finest, most reliable gear available for outdoor adventures. MSR product lines include: stoves, fuel, cookware, water treatment and hydration systems, shelters, snowshoes, snow tools, and backcountry poles.  The majority of MSR products are made in the company’s Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland manufacturing facilities. For more information, visit www.msrgear.com.