NEMO Announces 2023 Community and Nonprofit Partners

February 15, 2023

It’s All About Community

{Dover, NH}/OUTDOOR SPORTSIWIRE/ – NEMO, the award-winning, independent designer of outdoor gear and accessories built to improve the adventure experience, announces its 2023 community and nonprofit partners, a blend of new and renewed partnerships. Understanding that access to the outdoors is essential to not only getting more folks outside, but creating the next stewards of our planet, NEMO is partnering with for- and nonprofit organizations who are focused on inclusivity, access, and equity in the outdoors.


Camp Yoshi was founded by Rashad, Ron, and Shequeita Frazier, with the intent to help diversify the outdoor space. Since its inception in 2020, Camp Yoshi has helped create safe spaces for people of color, allies, first-time campers, and enthusiasts alike, by curating trips that allow them to explore the art of camping through their unique lens. With an emphasis on leisure and aspirational experiences, Camp Yoshi is intent on being all-inclusive for their campers, using the most premium gear possible, and serving up chef-prepared campsite meals.

“We’re stoked to have NEMO as a partner again this year,” said Rashad Frazier. “From day one, they understood that Camp Yoshi’s existence was not a moment, but a movement. We’re really lucky to have partners that understand impact is a long-term endeavor, and we appreciate their well-made tents and sleep kits which have performed beautifully for our clients.”

Inclusive Guide, based in Denver, CO, was founded by two Black women, Crystal Egli and Parker McMullen Bushman, with a mission to create data-driven, economic incentives for businesses to be more inclusive and welcoming, resulting in safer spaces for people who regularly experience discrimination. Their Inclusive Guide, a digital Green Book and website like Yelp for inclusivity, launched in the Denver community in 2022 with plans to expand into other major cities across the country. Users of the Inclusive Guide can submit business locations they feel safe in and then rate the business on a range of attributes such as courtesy of staff, ADA compliance, sense of personal safety as it relates to their identity, and more. Crowd-sourced entries populate “inclusivity reviews” for businesses and recreation spaces. NEMO was a sponsor of their Liberation Tour last summer that took McMullen Bushman and her family on an RV tour of the US to increase visibility of Black folks in travel and outdoor spaces.


Bewilder is a female, BIPOC owned and founded experiential media company inspiring families to spend time outside. They host pop-up retail events in partnership with outdoor brands and retailers, and provide a monthly newsletter featuring fun trip ideas, kid-friendly activities, and advice for staying safe in nature.

Black.Surfers is an organization fighting to attain equitable access to surfing for Black people through policy and community. The Black-centric organization welcomes allies as part of its membership. Founded in 2018 by Kayiita Johansson, Black.Surfers has a following of over 11 thousand and a 580-person global community. It aims to eliminate the systemic and cultural barriers that prevent Black people from reclaiming their ancestral birthright to the ocean, surfing, and fully enjoying all it has to offer.

Access also includes supporting organizations that work to conserve our public lands and waterways and provide healthy landscapes for wildlife. NEMO continues to partner with

Southeast Land Trust of NH, The Conservation Alliance, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, and Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. More information and guides can be found on NEMO’s Adventure Resources page.

About NEMO

NEMO is a New Hampshire-based outdoor gear company known for creating award-winning products that are built to last, comfortable, and fun to use. Named one of Outside Magazine’s and Business New Hampshire’s Best Places to Work, NEMO has also been recognized as a small business leader for the environment by New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. NEMO’s reputation for design innovation across its product lines—tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp accessories and furniture—is an outgrowth of its design philosophy to never bring anything to market that doesn’t offer a meaningfully better experience. NEMO’s team of designers and engineers are motivated by a passion for outdoor adventure and sustainability.

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