New Documentary Seeks the Rare and Beautiful in The Sonoran Desert

January 26, 2023

'The Search for Singular' tracks down the 1-in-10,000 crested saguaro cactus

TUCSON AZ /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Now available free on Vimeo, THE SEARCH FOR SINGULAR extends the impact of WHAT’S WITH THE SAGUARO? during exploration of the iconic Sonoran Desert. Going deeper to find the one-in-10,000 crested saguaro, the documentary aims to help viewers both appreciate and protect this unique, mutated version of the human-like cactus.

‘First we have the singular saguaro, found nowhere else in the world. Add to that the crown-like growth at the top of only a few that separates them from their plant peers. Unusual, breathtaking and more like an alien lifeform, the crested saguaro truly stands alone,” according to the film’s creator, Peter Reese of Woven Productions.

Shot in and around Saguaro National Park, THE SEARCH FOR SINGULAR features a cameo appearance by Give’r/Jackson, Wyoming in the form of the Ol’ Faithful Midweight Pullover. Adds Reese, ‘This kind of production takes gear and apparel that adapts to changing temperatures and conditions; Ol’ Faithful is one that stands apart from the crowd.’

At under two and one-half minutes running time, the adventure pushes fast and far into the flash flood-prone desert. Part of a series on lessons drawn from the singular environment that is the desert, THE SEARCH FOR SINGULAR and WHAT’S WITH THE SAGUARO? will be joined by CHANGED BY A PLACE for a trio of short, telegraphic films set in stunning surroundings.

Click here to preview THE SEARCH FOR SINGULAR. To learn more about Giver’s Ol’ Faithful Midweight Pullover, click this link for a full video review.


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