New Ice Chest Accessory Revolutionizes Ice Packs

July 1, 2021

Ice Lock launches watertight Ice bag with drinking spout

San Francisco, CA July 1st, 2021Ice Lock™ is a watertight ice bag with a pour spout.  This revolutionary product was born out of the need to keep food in an ice chest cold and dry. According to inventor, Jud Yaski, his favorite pastime spurred the idea: “I love camping, but hate an ice chest full of water. I struggled with food contamination due to meats floating with cheeses, etc., and thought it was a shame to waste what was clean ice due to melting and cross-contamination.”

Yaski, Director of Kool Conceptz, Inc., a Bay Area company specializing in creating innovative consumer products, spent four years developing Ice Lock™, which is made of a BPA-free three-layer composite material that includes nylon to withstand many uses while protecting the bag from punctures from sharp ice. Users simply fill the bag with up to ten pounds of ice from their local store or freeze their favorite drink inside. The bag goes into the ice chest, like a Blue Ice® type ice pack would, but based on its volume, has a far greater cooling power and can be instantly recharged anywhere ice is sold without having to wait on re-freeze time. And because ice is made from drinking water, users have a clean, cold, drinkable beverage that flows out of a handy dispenser when it melts. The flexible packaging simply rolls up for storage when you’re done, eliminating the need to store bulky ice packs.

Ice Lock™ is launching this July with a MSRP of $10.95. Look for the Ice Lock™ on Amazon, or at a retailer near you.

Retailers and distributors, please contact below to lock in your summer supply of Ice lock™!


For more information and press images, please contact Jud Yaski, Dir. marketing at (866) 676-4702 ext 700; Kool Conceptz