New inflatable pillow brings luxury to the affordable camping market

September 27, 2016

The Luxe Pillow features a super soft polyester blend sleeve with synthetic padding for extra comfort

CENTERVILLE, Utah- Klymit, a comfort innovator in advanced outdoor technology, introduces the Luxe Pillow to its inflatable pillow line. The Luxe Pillow is the most luxurious pillow in the line, featuring expanded cushioning and ultra-soft material.

The Luxe Pillow features a thoughtfully designed weld pattern to help lift and stabilize the head. The innovative design helps keep the head securely on the pillow all night long. The pillow’s hybrid construction combines an exceptionally lightweight 75D polyester top and bottom for superior tear, puncture and abrasion resistance. The Luxe Pillow features an outer sleeve that is made out of a super soft polyester blend with synthetic padding for extra comfort.

The Luxe Pillow weighs 6.2 oz and packs down to 3” x 7”. The pillow’s height and pressure can adjusted for customizable comfort.

“We’re excited to introduce a luxury pillow to our inflatable pillow line” says Klymit President Cory Tholl. “At Klymit, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on comfort to get a superior and lightweight camping product.”

The Luxe Pillow is available now for purchase online at Klymit.com. The MSRP is $39.95.

Klymit Pillow X Large
Weight: 6.2 oz
Dimensions: 22” x 12.5” x 5.5”
Fabric: 75D Polyester with a synthetic case
Inflation: 3-5 breaths