New Trail Running Guide to Premier Trail Running Region

May 16, 2016

For years, Bend has been called one of the top trail running destinations, but until now there has never been a book solely dedicated to running the trails. Trail Running Bend and Central Oregon, by author and trail runner Lucas Alberg, provides detailed descriptions of the area’s best loop runs, including several new trails added to within recent years. From classic high desert runs to the east in the Badlands, to mountain escapes and high alpine scenery to the west in the Cascades, Trail Running Bend and Central Oregon highlights the unique and diverse geography that the region has to offer.

This guide is smartly organized by season, so runners can know when to hit the right trails at the right times throughout the year. The 50 routes described in the book are all located within 65 miles from Bend and a short drive away from Portland. Alberg provides detailed trailhead directions to ensure getting there is the easy part, along with route maps, elevation profiles, and points of interest to inform runners about what to expect and when.

Trail Running Bend and Central Oregon is written from the runner’s perspective, for the runner. The book focuses on the best trails for trail running and brings together a combination of trails in loop form that lend themselves to the sport. With a zest and passion for the trails, Alberg captures the best of what Central Oregon has to offer for runners.

Trail Running Bend and Central Oregon
by Lucas Alberg
ISBN 978-0-89997-823-9
Wilderness Press, April 2016, $17.95

About the Author

Lucas Alberg took to trail running when he moved to Portland, OR, in 2001. Outside of running, Lucas enjoys spending time mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and camping with his lovely wife, Rae, and their son, Loren. A longtime musician, Lucas has written and recorded two albums with his band, The Beautiful Train Wrecks, and has found time to play hundreds of shows across the Pacific Northwest. Lucas currently serves as PR Manager for a Bend-based outdoors company.

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