Nighthawk Safety Introduces Night Trek Xtreme Tactical Shoe Lights

January 18, 2018

The all-new 400 lumen light adds power and versatility to the Night Trek product line

Orlando, FLA (Jan. 18, 2018) Nighthawk Safety, creators of the world’s first tactical shoe lighting system, is proud to announce the launch of the newest addition to the shoe Night Trek family: the Night Trek Xtreme. The Xtreme tactical shoe light has optional Bluetooth capabilities and 400 lumen LED lights which provide more than 50 feet of  forward beam, almost doubling its predecessor. The Xtreme’s patented technology features two ultra-light shoe lights illuminating the trail ahead while rear-facing red tail lights keep the wearer visible from all angles.

Night Trek Tactical Shoe Lights will enhance any adventure, whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail or walking the dog around the block.  Night Trek safely lights your way from dusk until dawn with hands-free, unobtrusive lighting. The ultra-light and ultra-bright tactical shoe lights illuminate the path ahead and provide visibility from all sides, allowing you to confidently attack your adventure any time of day or night.

Night Trek’s patented technology features two ultra-lightweight shoe lights completely illuminating the path ahead while rear-facing red tail lights keep the wearer visible from all sides.  The fortified weatherproof, high impact resistant case is mounted on an ultra-secure adjustable shoelace-clip.

The Night Trek Xtreme takes your adventure to the next level with a 3 – 10 hour rechargeable and replaceable battery pack.  The 400 lumen lights provide a 50-foot forward beam distance that jets out far ahead to illuminate any obstacles.  Additionally, Night Trek Xtreme comes with optional Bluetooth performance controls, allowing the user to receive pace, distance, time and altitude “flash” alerts and the ability to adjust light intensity on the fly.

“These our the most rugged and tactical shoe light on the market, and they are sure to become your favorite piece of adventure gear whether hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, running or even walking the dog,” says Night Trek CEO Doug Storer. “Night Trek will enhance your adventure while keeping the path visible and your journey safe.”

The Night Trek Xtreme will be available Spring, 2018 and will offer a regular and Bluetooth Version (MSRP: $94.95 and $119.95). For more information on the Night Trek brand, visit NightTrekLights.com and watch the Night Trek in action here.

About Night Trek

Night Trek is the world’s first Tactical Shoe Light and was born from the proven technology that has kept Night Runners running in more than 50 countries around the world.  Night Runner Shoe Lights have been featured on Shark Tank, Outside Magazine, Discovery Channel, Forbes, Men’s Journal and nearly 100 other global media outlets.

About Nighthawk Safety

Nighthawk Safety is an innovative safety products company that developed the patented shoe light technology used in Night Trek, Night Runner and Night Shift Shoe Light brands.