Nocs Provisions Launches Field Issue Waterproof Binocular

April 25, 2023

Latest in Range of Rugged, Exploration-Ready Outdoor Optics Melds Pro Optics With Compact, Waterproof Form

ALPINE MEADOWS, Calif. – April 25, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Nocs Provisions, maker of adventure-ready binoculars and accessories, today introduces the new Field Issue 32mm binocular, the next evolution in the brand’s growing range of durable, waterproof, adventure-ready outdoor optics.

With the midsize Field Issue, Nocs Provisions succeeds in crafting a pair of binoculars that integrates premium optical technology from the brand’s standout Pro Issue model while maintaining the compact ruggedness and grippy handfeel that people love about the original Standard Issue waterproof binoculars.

Each element of the new Field Issue was designed to create the ultimate lightweight, do-it-all binocular built to explore any environment and stand out with Nocs’ distinctive, nature-inspired style and colorways. The Field Issue features HiFi Fully Multi Coated Lenses and a BaK4 Prism which provide a wide, bright, edge-to-edge viewing experience, and the ultra-smooth and precise oversized focus wheel offers exceptional central focusing and exacting visual adjustments from 9.3ft to infinity. Fully waterproof and fogproof (IPX7 rating), the Field Issue is submersible in up to three feet of water and nitrogen sealed to prevent internal condensation.

Nocs’ Rugged Wave Grip housing is built to go above and beyond to protect the optics, and is crafted from a medical-grade, ultra-rugged thermoplastic frame, providing super durability and drop resistance while keeping the Field Issue’s total weight at a mere 16.7 oz (473g). Additionally, the eyecup assembly allows for a perfect fit on almost every face: with or without glasses, the multi-stop twist up eyecup mechanism provides three distinct positions to optimize viewing.

“We designed the Field Issue for all-day glassing missions and foot powered travel to remote locations, where every ounce makes a difference, and have integrated much of the optical tech and features from our top-of-the-line Pro Issue,” said Chris McKleroy, Nocs Provisions Founder and CEO. “The Field Issue truly is an evolution, and offers huge value for outdoor enthusiasts and a perfect choice for hiking, camping, birdwatching, surfing, road trips – you name it.”

The new Field Issue is available today at https://www.nocsprovisions.com and in specialty retailers, and comes in two sizes and six new colorways: 8×32 in Coral Red, Corsican Blue, and Deep Slate and 10×32 in Bone Gray, Paydirt Brown, and Ponderosa Green. The 8x magnification allows for a wider field of view, while the 10x is for those wanting to narrow in on the finer details. Like all Nocs products, the Field Issue waterproof binocular was designed to be taken along for the ride, and is covered by the brand’s “No Matter What” lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $175 US

Core Features, Nocs Provisions Field Issue Binocular:

  • Oversized Focus Wheel:
    • Designed from the ground up for ultra smooth, ultra precise focusing. By fine tuning the wheel resistance and leverage ratio of the central focusing mechanism, the Field Issue allows for exacting visual adjustments from 9.3ft to infinity.
  • HiFi Fully Multi Coated Lens Array: Rich Color Representation
    • With a unique lens coating formula designed for an exceptional light transmittance rate for its compact size, the Field Issue provides a rich color reproduction for bright, sharp views from edge to edge of the wide field of view.
  • Lightweight Frame: Goes The Distance
    • Weighing in at only 11.8oz or 334 grams, the Field Issue uses a medical grade, ultra rugged thermoplastic frame to house the optical system. We designed this for all-day glassing missions and foot powered travel to remote locations, where every ounce makes a difference.
  • Waterproof + Fogproof: Lab Tested and Rated
    • Like the rest of our binocular line, the Field Issue is lab rated IPX7, meaning it can take a smattering of dust, water, and humidity and continue to perform. Submersible in up to three feet of water and nitrogen sealed to prevent internal condensation, these can be brought along for any adventure.
  • Rugged Wave Grip: Refined Feel and Drop Tested
    • No slip in the palm, engineered to protect the optics, this evolved design provides a comfortable feel in hand and a build that dissipates impact forces on the optical system.
  • Multi Stop Twist Up Eyecups: See It All
    • The eyecup assembly of the Field Issue allows for a perfect fit on every face. With or without glasses, the multi stop twist up eyecup mechanism provides three distinct positions to optimize viewing for all.
  • Snap a Photo: Shot on Nocs
    • The Field Issue was designed to accommodate smartphone photography and videography. Just line up your smartphone to capture the moment and share.

Nocs products ship in plastic-free, post-consumer recycled boxes printed with soy ink, and since day one Nocs has been a member of 1% for the Planet and also supports numerous non profits including the Feminist Bird Club and Trips for Kids Marin.

About Nocs Provisions:

High-quality, compact and waterproof optics that are designed for adventure. Nocs Provisions are here to serve the next generation of humans with the goal to disconnect from technology and look deeper in nature. With binoculars built to travel, we aim to make the discovery and study of our surroundings simple. Paired with a sense of wonder and curiosity, we believe this will foster understanding and compassion for our planet. Nocs are a tool to be present in the moment and to see the deep interconnectedness of all living things on this earth. It’s time that we return to nature as our source of truth. Learn more at: https://www.nocsprovisions.com.

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