Nuun Hydration Debuts New 3-Part Performance Supplement System, The Podium Series

May 18, 2020

This plant-based system is designed specifically for athletes in intense training blocks and includes BCAAs, Adaptogens, and L-Glutamine.

SEATTLE May 18, 2020 – Today the functional hydration company, Nuun, launches their newest product suite, The Podium Series. Designed for high effort and high-performance exercise, The Podium Series consists of three formulas: Nuun Prime, Nuun Endurance and Nuun Recover. Each of these is intended to meet the specific physiological needs of an athlete either before, during or after their workouts. With BCAAs, efficient carbohydrates, adaptogens, and L-Glutamine The Podium Series is the first set of Nuun products to emphasize more than hydration as a primary benefit. While Nuun’s other products come in the form of tablets that effervesce when in contact with water, the Podium Series comes in powder form and will be available in single-serve pouches or multiple serving canisters.

Of the three formulas in The Podium Series, only two are available for the first time today. Nuun Endurance, the second in the three-step system, was first introduced in 2019. The product was an immediate hit within the athletic community and became the official on-course hydration for the LA Marathon. It was the success of Nuun Endurance and the demonstration of an unmet demand for clean, effective, plant-based performance supplements which prompted Nuun to expand their offerings and create The Podium Series.

The new Nuun Prime and Nuun Recover represent nearly a year of continuous research by Nuun’s internal product development team, led by Vishal Patel with special council from renowned exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims.  Of the new formulas, Patel says “Nuun is excited to expand our portfolio beyond hydration and introduce a multi-functional, full-workout supplement suite. Our goal with The Podium Series was to create an optimally balanced system that extended beyond hydration and aided in both performance and recovery for athletes pursuing ambitious training goals.”

As the best-selling sports drink supplement brand in sport specialty and natural food retailers in North America, the creation of this new fitness supplement system comes as welcome news for existing Nuun customers. Nuun sponsored athlete and 2x CrossFit Games Champion, Annie Thorisdottir, shared her experience sampling The Podium Series before its official launch, saying “I have been chronically dehydrated for most of my athletic career and have tried various methods to get the mixture right, but nothing hit the spot… The Podium Series however, did create a measurable change. Increasing my electrolyte levels and rehydrating my body has made the biggest difference. I feel less sore and better prepared to tackle the next session.”

Athletes searching for the most effective nutrition and hydration products for training will recognize many of the ingredients in The Podium Series as recent headline makers in sports science. BCAAs, like those found in both Nuun Prime and Nuun Recover, have been gaining traction in the athletic supplement landscape since the late 2000s owing to their positive effects on muscle energy and repair. Adaptogens like Panax Ginseng found in Nuun Prime have been linked to stress reduction and increased focus.  Even familiar ingredients like caffeine (available in certain flavors of Nuun Prime and Nuun Endurance) have their place in athletic hydration.

It should be noted that while most BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) found in fitness supplements are made from the fur, feathers, and hooves of animals, Nuun’s BCAAs are not made from animal products or biproducts. This means that The Podium Series formulas, like all Nuun products, are 100% vegan friendly. For athletes struggling to find BCAA fitness supplements that meet their ethical and physical demands in a consumer landscape of limited ingredient source transparency, Nuun’s radical candor is a welcome change.

The Podium Series by Nuun is available now at nuunlife.com, Whole Foods, REI, and premium bike and run specialty stores around the country. While the three products of The Podium Series are designed to be consumed in succession, it’s possible to purchase each product individually to create a fully customized fitness hydration and fueling plan.

About Nuun & Company

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